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Shonkys 2018

We launched the CHOICE Shonky Awards in 2006 so we could call out some of the shonkiest products and companies taking advantage of Australian consumers each year. Join us as we boo the winners for 2018 and usher them into the Shonkys Hall of Shame.

Shonkys 2018 winners

Shonkys Marriott Vacation Club

The Shonky Award for... trapping holiday-makers into a bad deal for a lifetime

shonkys CBA dollarmites 2018
Commonwealth Bank Dollarmites

The Shonky Award for... A relentless marketing program targeted at young minds

shonkys Baby Solutions travel portacot

The Shonky Award for... Putting infant lives at risk

shonkys Dick Wicks magnetic wool underlay
Magnet therapy

The Shonky Award for... Using weak claims to pull on hip pockets

shonkys Bioglan melatonin sleep formula

The Shonky Award for... Trickery that leaves people sleepless

shonkys KitchenAid toaster
KitchenAid 2 Slice toaster

The Shonky Award for... Miserably failing its only job

shonkys Kellogs nutrigrain to go
Kelloggs Nutri Grain Smash

The Shonky Award for... Putting the squeeze on good health

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