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  • shonkys hall of shame 2014
    Shonky Awards

    2014 Shonkys

    From a peanut butter biscuit that has no peanuts in it, to a bank that raids kids’ piggy banks... these are the winners of a 2014 Shonky Award.

2014 Winners

  • Amazon Kindle

    Kindle Paperwhite’s boasted eight weeks of battery life is based on just 30 minutes of reading per day.
  • Arnotts Tim Tams Peanut Butter Flavour

    This Tim Tam variety contains no peanuts at all – it's all the work of paprika extract and food colours.
  • Bankwest

    Bankwest Kids' Bonus Saver account may give with one hand, but they take with the other.
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    According to a senate inquiry, CBA's financial planners orchestrated a "calculated deceit" and deliberately put clients into risky investments.
  • Kmart swimwear

    Is a swimsuit really a swimsuit if its label proclaims that it may become see-through when wet?
  • S 26 Gold Toddler and Junior

    The Shonky Award for... milking parental guilt in a toddler and junior formula market worth almost $100m.
  • Vorwerk Thermomix

    For being less than upfront with loyal Thermo fans about the release of its new model, we were left with no choice but to juice the Vorwerk/Thermomix lemon.