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S-26 Gold Toddler and Junior

The Shonky Award for... milking parental guilt in a toddler and junior formula market worth almost $100m.

CHOICE staff
CHOICE staff


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My two-year-old loves eating his leafy greens, said… no-one. Ever. 

Ensuring kids get all the vitamins and nutrients they need can be an arduous task, especially when you're trying to duck the broccoli and cauliflower mash being flung by your little darling.

So it comes as no surprise that in desperation you may seek an alternative, perhaps forking out yet more cash (on top of the usual grocery costs) for the formula that proclaims it provides "nutritional support for young kids". 

You may never suspect that health professionals advise that toddler and junior milks aren't needed for healthy kids over the age of one, or that you may even be doing your child a disservice by offering another liquid at a time when it's suggested the focus should be on increasing solids and developing better eating habits.

Shonkys 2014 S26 Gold Toddler and Junior 

And to make matters worse, in marketing its S-26 Gold Toddler and Junior powdered milk to retailers in an industry trade magazine, S-26 offers up this devious dose of spin: "Keep mums buying with our extended range of nutritious milk drinks". 

For milking parental guilt in a toddler and junior formula market worth almost $100m, we think it's time S-26 was watered down with a hefty dose of lemon.