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Kmart swimwear

Kmart ShonkysAs the weather warms and the beach becomes more and more appealing, Australians around the country are buying swimsuits in preparation for our national summer pursuit: getting ourselves to the nearest body of water. And sure, the cut and colour of a pair of togs are important. But when it comes to Kmart swimwear, that seems to be where the design process stops. 

Now excuse us for getting philosophical, but is a swimsuit really a swimsuit if its label proclaims that it may become see-through when wet? And how about if it can’t take "excessive contact" (whatever that means) with suntan lotions, oils, rough surfaces, heated pools and spas treated with harsh chemicals? 

We’re not sure what Kmart reckons Aussies do in their swimwear. Call us old-fashioned, but what happened to cossies that you could, oh, you know, wear in a heated pool without fear of disintegration or impending nudity?

It just goes to show: when it comes to buying a pair of togs that are fit for purpose, you can’t count on Kmart. We just have one question: does that see-through bikini come in Shonky yellow?

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