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Arnott's Tim Tams Peanut Butter Flavour

This Tim Tam variety contains no peanuts at all – it's all the work of paprika extract and food colours.

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CHOICE staff
CHOICE staff


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We know what you're thinking. 

Tim Tam is Australian for biscuit. How could we possibly find fault with the greatest invention since… well… ever. 

But bear with us.

You may have noticed Arnott's recent expansion of the humble Tim Tam range. One recent premium release is their most requested flavour: peanut butter. 

But here's the spicy truth: although they proudly boast "peanut butter flavour", with an enticing image of what looks exactly like peanut butter generously smeared across the pack, closer inspection of the ingredients list reveals the product contains no peanuts at all. 

Who knew that mixing paprika extract and caramel food colours results in a rather striking shade of peanut butter?

Video: Arnott's – CHOICE Shonky Awards 2014

On a serious note, Food Standards Australia and New Zealand says "labels must tell the truth" and "Fair trading laws and food laws in Australia and New Zealand require that labels do not misinform through false, misleading or deceptive representations. 

For example, a food with a picture of strawberries on the label must contain strawberries".

And here's the final rub: if you can forgive the fact that these biscuits are about as full of peanut butter as a Hungarian spice rack, it's hard to look past the fact that while they cost the same, there are only nine biscuits and 165g in a pack – two biscuits and 35g shy of a regular packet of Tim Tams.