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Shonkys 2011

2011 saw a couple of winners from the wonderful world of weight loss. Wait, shonky weight loss products? Who'd have thought?! The big winner was SensaSlim, with the product and company behind it demonstrating shonkiness on many levels.

Peach-infused super-tight pants also got a nod, with their "clinically-proven" weight loss effect. The ethos of the test lab behind the clinical trial, Spincontrol Laboratories, didn't exactly fill us with confidence: "2 doses of accuracy, 1 dose of creativity and a touch of audacity…"

Meanwhile, talk of a carbon tax saw a flurry of activity among entrepreneurs keen to cash in on community paranoia, whipped up by talkback radio and tabloid media. We awarded a Shonky to the Go4Green EnergySmart plug-in 'energy-saving' box – one of many such devices on the market. It claimed you'll save 10% on energy bills and, at a mere $299 a pop, will pay for itself in six months. You didn't, and it won't. 2011 also saw the Australian launch of Chinese Chery cars, including the Chery J1 with its 'cosmetic purpose only' roof racks – if you use 'em, you lose 'em.

Shonkys 2011 winners

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