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  • shonkys hall of shame 2011
    Shonky Awards

    2011 Shonkys

    From a couple of terrible weight loss products to the entire insurance industry for shonky behaviour... these are the winners of a 2011 Shonky Award.

2011 Winners

  • Blinged-up baby dummies

    Shonky for Blinded by bling goes to... Blinged-up babies via the Internet.  
  • G04Green EnergySmart

    Shonky for Green hogwash goes to ... Go4Green EnergySmart.  
  • Peachy Pink

    Shonky for Spinning out of control briefs goes to... Peachy Pink. 
  • Quail Kingdom

    Shonky for Quack (or "chirp") medicine goes to... Quail Kingdom.  
  • SensaSlim

    Shonky for Making snake oil look good goes to ... SensaSlim (and friends).
  • Smurf Village

    Shonky for $murfberry $urprise goes to... Smurfs' Village (Beeline Interactive, Inc.).
  • The Chery J1

    Shonky for Chery with a Shonky on top goes to ... The Chery J1.
  • The insurance industry

    Shonky for Calamity after the storm goes to ...The insurance industry.