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Shonkys 2012

Consumers are sick of paying to pay, with a flood of complaints about credit card and other unavoidable surcharges tacked on to transactions. Cabcharge's 10% credit card surcharge is one of the highest we've seen, and vastly exceeds the cost of providing the service. 

And on the topic of ridiculous surcharges, Australia's ticket-selling duopoly Ticketek and Ticketmaster add on all sorts of additional charges and fees - including one for printing your ticket yourself.

And if you think using your credit card at least offers you some protections, including a 'chargeback' (where you get a refund for products and services non-rendered), you may unwittingly waive this particular right with the Jetset Travelworld Group.

Meanwhile, the winner of the Shonkiest Shonky – as voted by members – went to Nature's Way Kids Smart natural medicines. This range of homeopathic 'remedies' for children was deemed "an affront to public health and medical science".

Shonkys 2012 winners

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