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Shonkys 2019

Yes, it's that time again – when we honour the companies and products from all over Australia that dazzled us with their awfulness. From super funds that rot your savings to fridges that rot your food, here are the bitterest lemons of the year, handpicked by CHOICE.

Shonkys 2019 winners

Shonkys 2019 Ikea Nedkyld

The Shonky Award for... spoiling your food, expensively

Shonkys 2019 Medibank Accident and Ambulance Cover

The Shonky Award for... selling ‘cover’ that leaves you exposed

Shonkys 2019 Pet Insurance
Pet insurance

The Shonky Award for... catch-22 pet insurance whose conditions make it worthless

Shonkys 2019 AMP
AMP superannuation

The Shonky Award for... putting profit before customer returns

Shonkys 2019 Kogan

The Shonky Award for... creating the returns system from hell

shonkys 2019 freedom foods xo crunch
Freedom Foods XO Crunch

The Shonky Award for... gaming the Health Stars system to sell a kids' cereal

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