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Floor cleaners – “perfume for your floor”: CHOICE Shonkys

Floor cleaner brands sold at Coles and Bunnings perform worse than water in lab tests.


CHOICE Testing Expert Ash Iredale inspects a floor – Images:

Consumer advocate CHOICE has awarded the entire retail category of floor cleaners a 2020 Shonky award for "being flawed cleaners", in some cases worse than water.

Three cleaners, including brands sold at Coles (Coles Ultra Floor Cleaner) and Bunnings (Long Life All Purpose Cleaner), received lower scores than plain water, with other floor cleaners in the category either tying with water or earning just a measly 1% more.

"Floor cleaners are little more than perfume for your floor. If you want your floors clean you can just use a plain old bucket of hot water. Save your money," says Ash Iredale, Testing Expert at CHOICE.

"We tested these floor cleaners in a scientific setting against typical soils that you're likely to find in your own home. We found that, despite how expensive they are compared with water, they didn't perform any better." 

Learn more: How we test floor cleaners –

"When you take, say, 50 millilitres of a given floor cleaner and dilute it with five litres of water, you're really not going to get much performance at all."

Read CHOICE's full floor cleaner reviews here.

Ash Iredale is available for interview.

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Due to COVID-19 protocols, the Shonkys event is available as a pre-record. Extra filming can be arranged on release day in Sydney (Tuesday November 10), but capacity will be limited.

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