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Which hot cross bun is the best?

CHOICE gives Bakers Delight top score for their hot cross buns.

With Easter quickly approaching, hot cross buns have already made an appearance on supermarket shelves across the country. But which hot cross bun is best? 

CHOICE tested 15 varieties of hot cross buns (traditional, choc chip, and gluten free) - from major supermarket chains, bakery chains, and Costco - to see which ones you should pick up this year.

"Our experts conducted a blind taste test of all 15 samples, and judged the buns on flavour, appearance, aroma, and texture," says CHOICE food journalist, Rachel Clemons. 

"Bakers Delight was the clear winner, with both their traditional and choc chip hot cross buns achieving the top scores in our testing." 

Best traditional hot cross buns

"Hot cross buns come in just about every flavour imaginable these days, but our polls consistently show that a traditional fruit hot cross bun is a firm favourite," says Clemons. 

According to our experts, buns from Bakers Delight, Woolworths, Coles, and Aldi came out on top in the traditional category.


1. Bakers Delight Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns

These buns came in first place, with an overall score of 78%. They’re nice and soft, and the spices in the dough give them a great flavour.


2. Woolworths Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns
"Woolworths also did well in our testing, with their traditional buns receiving a score of 72%," says Clemons. "They have a nice, soft texture, and a good aroma."


3. Coles Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns
Coles received a score of 71% for their traditional fruit hot cross buns. The sultanas in these buns are evenly distributed and plump. 


3. Aldi Bakers Life Fruit Hot Cross Buns
Aldi’s buns also scored 71% in our testing. These are the second cheapest buns in our test (after Costco buns, which come in packs of 24 only and can only be purchased by members).

Infogram available for embedding: Best traditional fruit hot cross buns

Best choc chip hot cross buns 

"If you’re a bit of a chocoholic, there are a good range of choc chip hot cross buns out there," says Clemons. "We’ve tested choc chip buns from Bakers Delight, Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, and Brumby’s." 


1. Bakers Delight Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns
This Bakers Delight bun scored first place, receiving 82% in our testing. It has lots of chocolate pieces and a good moist, soft texture.


2. Coles Chocolate Hot Cross Buns
Overall, these Coles buns scored a solid 77%. 

"With 28% choc chips, these are the most chocolate-y of the choc chip products we tested," says Clemons. 


3. Woolworths Hot Cross Buns with Cadbury Milk Chocolate Chips
These buns scored 74% in our testing. If you’re a Cadbury fan, these might be a good pick for you - the choc chips in these hot cross buns are made by Cadbury. 

Infogram available for embedding: Best choc chip hot cross buns

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