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Products to avoid in the sales

The worst performing appliances in a handy CHOICE cheat sheet so you know what to steer clear of.

Last updated: 20 December 2019

There's nothing worse than thinking you've bagged a great deal on something in the sales, only to find out later that you've bought a dud. CHOICE experts say buyers should be wary of too-good-to-be-true sales at this time of year.

"Despite our enthusiasm for bargains, the reality is that this is a time where retailers often try to fob off the duds they couldn't sell throughout the year. You can pick up a bargain, but research is everything. The good news is we can see Australians doing their research well and checking CHOICE's detailed and independent reviews before hitting the shops," says Marg. 

The top products searched on our website in the Boxing Day period (24–28 December) are washing machines, TVs, fridges, mattresses and portable air conditioners. If you're looking to hit the sales, we've rounded up the worst performers across these key categories in one handy 'cheat sheet' so you have an easy reference for what to avoid while shopping. Either access it on your phone while in store or print out a copy to take with you. Happy sales shopping!

Download your printable CHOICE sales cheat sheet

We've created a list of all the products to avoid that you can print out and take with you to the shops (and perhaps brandish in the face of a pushy salesperson?).

Download your printable Boxing Day Duds to Avoid Cheat Sheet (PDF)