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Top 5 EOFYS products and avoiding EOFYS regret

With End of Financial Year Sales marketing going into overdrive, has released the top 5 products from last year's sales with tips on how to spot a bargain and how to avoid a dud.

"End of Financial Year Sales are one of the busiest times of year at " says CHOICE spokesperson Jonathan Brown.

"Marketing goes into overdrive in June and while there's some good deals to be found, but you can also end up stuck with a dud product that's been collecting dust on shelves. We've released the top 5 from last years' sales so we can help people get a good deal and avoid being ripped off. According to our data, End of Financial Year and Boxing Day sales are when Australians shop for big ticket purchases - large appliances we expect to last for years. Even on sale, these are big investments and no one wants to regret a big feature of the living room, kitchen or laundry for years to come" says Brown.

The top 5 products from EOFYS 2018 at are:

  1. Electric Heaters
  2. Washing Machines
  3. Televisions
  4. Coffee Machines
  5. Ovens

Data sourced from traffic June 2018. Excludes services.

Embeddable infographic available here: choicecomau-top-5-eofys- 1hxr4zw859my4yo has asked a range of its experts on what to watch out for in the top 5, including how to read TV product codes for a better haggle and which type of washing machines last longer and use less water.

Advice from CHOICE experts available at our full article and select quotes below.

CHOICE experts have also warned Australians off some of the worst performing products this sales period:

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Media contact:
Jonathan Brown, 0430 172 669,

Extra images and video available on Dropbox here: sh/84rdmdvki5w72e6/AABWrpR6_ duJ0NbzgutY1TEsa?dl=0

Quotes attributable to CHOICE experts:

Electric heaters:

"One of the best tricks for getting the most out of an electric heater is to use it in conjunction with a ceiling fan" says Matthew Steen, Director of Reviews and Testing at CHOICE.

"A ceiling fan will help circulate warm air around your room, making sure you don't end up with uncomfortable cold patches."

Washing machines:

"We tend to recommend front loaders because they perform better and use less water, but there are pros and cons to each type" says CHOICE laundry expert, Ashley Iredale.

"Convenience comes at a cost. Washer-dryer combos tend to break down more, use more water and leave you waiting longer for dry clothes."


"Paying attention to the specific product codes can pay off handsomely" says CHOICE Television expert Denis Gallagher.

"Use the product codes to find out how old the TV on sale really is. If it's from 2018 or 2017 there's a good chance you can haggle even further."