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Avoid Boxing Day Duds: CHOICE

The CHOICE Boxing Day Cheat Sheet launches for 2019.

CHOICE has released a Boxing Day Cheat Sheet to help Australians avoid duds in the 2019 sales. Using the top five most popular Boxing Day product searches at, CHOICE has released the worst three of each category.


Boxing Day Cheat Sheet available for download [PDF] at

Infographic available for embedding:

Video, photos and extra content available on Dropbox:

The list includes the IKEA Nedkyld Fridge which scored a 2019 Shonky Award.

"Australians are getting smarter at the Boxing Day sales every year," says Margaret Rafferty, Managing Editor at CHOICE.

"What we know from the data at is that Australians turn from fun gifts and entertainment over the festive period, to essentials on Boxing Day. People are looking to save money on the big household items – washing machines, TVs, fridges and the like."

Top Boxing Day searches at*

1. Washing machines

2. TVs

3. Fridges

4. Mattresses

5. Portable air conditioners

*December 24-28, 2018

CHOICE's data also shows that the Boxing Day frenzy starts before Christmas Day is even over, peaking at 10pm Christmas night as retailers release their deals and Australians start preparing for the sales.

"Despite our enthusiasm for bargains, the reality is this is a day where retailers often try to fob off the duds they couldn't sell throughout the year. You can pick up a bargain, but research is everything. The good news is we can see Australians doing their research well before hitting the shops," says Rafferty.

"We wanted to make things easier this year, so we've released the CHOICE Boxing Day Cheat Sheet to help Australians avoid buying what they think is a bargain, but is actually an expensive paperweight."

The CHOICE Boxing Day Cheat Sheet is available for download at

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