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2018 media releases

PARENTS WARNED: 18 products fail CHOICE pram test
12 December 2018

CHOICE has published the details of 18 products that failed the CHOICE pram test, warning Australian parents to watch out

Half of Australians who rent are in homes that need repairs
5 December 2018
Research from CHOICE and tenancy groups shows that Australians who rent fear eviction and rent rises.

People with disabilities booted from rental homes at higher rates
5 December 2018
Report finds higher incidence of "no grounds" evictions for people with disabilities.

Older women live in fear of rent increases
5 December 2018
New report reveals housing stress for women over 55 who rent.

Banking Royal Commission – Alan Kirkland response to bank submissions and conflicts of interest
7 November 2018
The original bank submissions to the Royal Commission tell a sad story of "it's everyone else's fault".

Beat the extras countdown
1 November 2018
CHOICE says there are two months left to use extras benefits on health insurance.

CHOICE sheds light on the life expectancy of appliances 
26 October 2018
CHOICE has issued guidelines on the 'reasonable' life expectancy for electrical goods, saying a high-end fridge, television or washing machine should last for more than a decade.

CHOICE is reshaping the way we write for consumers
25 October 2018
CHOICE is reshaping the way we write for consumers to make sure we deliver on our nonprofit mission in the most effective way possible in 2018.

CHOICE response to the ASIC school banking review
18 October 2018
Asic's review is an important step to deal with the Commonwealth Bank's dodgy Dollarmites school marketing program.

Big four banks inquiry must tackle banking lobby tactics
11 October 2018
Today's big four banking inquiry must call out the cynical tactics of the banking lobby.

2018 Shonkys Winners Revealed
04 October 2018
The big brands that earned a gong at this year's awards.

Nutri-Grain Shonky to go
04 October2018
Kellogg's attempt to "health-wash" its sugary breakfast snack.

Portacots put kids at risk
04 October2018
CHOICE gives unsafe portable cots a Shonky for failing safety tests.

Time to get Dollarmites out of schools
04 October 2018
Consumer groups call on Commonwealth Bank to stop using its schools program as a lifelong marketing tool.

Statement on Typeform data breach affecting CHOICE
05 July 2018
A breach of data stored by a third-party tool has affected 592 people who provided information to CHOICE.

National pool fence recall
10 May 2018
CHOICE calls for tougher laws following Clark Rubber’s delayed Be-Safe Portable Pool Fence recall

Welcome budget boost for super
08 May 2018
CHOICE welcomes superannuation budget measures attacking unnecessary insurance and duplicate accounts

Can I save on energy?
07 May 2018
CHOICE launches electricity bill checking service as new analysis shows consumers can save up to $1,500 on their electricity bill

CHOICE welcomes increased financial crime penalties
20 April 2018
CHOICE calls on the Federal Government to introduce a consumer compensation scheme as it moves to increase penalties for financial misconduct

Most painful health insurance price hikes
15 April 2018
CHOICE says some consumers to face premium increases of up to 45%

White King wipes claim flushed out
12 April 2018
CHOICE welcomes $700K fine over fake flushable wipes

Thermomix admits misleading consumers
11 April 2018
CHOICE welcomes Thermomix fine, renews call for tougher product safety laws

Unit pricing confusion costs consumers
27 March 2018
CHOICE says shoppers can save up to $1600 by comparing unit prices on food

Health insurance: act now to avoid more premium pain
26 March 2018
CHOICE says time is running out to get a better private health insurance deal before the April 1 price hikes

Pool fence warning
13 March 2018
CHOICE reports Clark Rubber to the ACCC for failing to recall potentially dangerous pool fence

VW emissions con continues
12 March 2018
CHOICE says it’s time for real world emissions testing to ensure consumers aren’t misled by car makers

Milo comes clean on health stars
01 March 2018
CHOICE welcomes Nestle’s move to stop gaming the health star system

CHOICE welcomes action on deadly airbags after years of delays
28 February 2018
CHOICE says the car companies ongoing failure to protect the public from unsafe airbags reaffirms the need to tighten Australian Consumer Law

CHOICE calls for clean up of timeshare financial advice
23 February 2018
CHOICE makes ASIC complaint after investigation finds timeshare products can cost as much as $450,000 and run for over 60 years

CHOICE welcomes credit card reforms
15 February 2018
CHOICE is welcoming new legal protections which will allow online cancellation of credit cards after years of delay by the banks

Poor-value premiums the real pain point
14 February 2018
CHOICE says 70% of people without private health insurance found it too expensive

Airline complaints falling on deaf ears
10 February 2018
CHOICE urges the federal government to establish an airlines ombudsman

Call for banks to reveal secrets behind harmful practices
8 February 2018
CHOICE is calling for the Royal Commission to compel the banks to provide documents that expose the reasons behind delays, high fees, commissions and perverse staff incentives

Insurers continue to inflict premium pain
25 January 2018
CHOICE says Australians are staring down a 70% private health insurance price hike since 2008

Consumers can't choose science over snake oil
23 January 2018
CHOICE says changes to TGA legislation hard pill to swallow

Jumping over your kids' safety
19 January 2018
CHOICE tests find seven trampoline models fail safety checks