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2013 media releases

CHOICE says financial advice rollback is a step in the wrong direction
28 December 2013
CHOICE says the needs of consumers must to be given more consideration in reforms to the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) legislation announced by the Federal Government today.

Refund rights
26 December 2013
If you’ve unwrapped a dud this Christmas it’s important to know your rights when it comes to refunds, repairs and replacements. It doesn’t matter if the faulty product was purchased from a bricks and mortar retailer, an Australian website or an overseas website - consumers are protected by the same Australian Consumer Law.

Free range porkies
23 December 2013
If you're looking to put some pork on your fork this holiday, you may find yourself paying up to 600% more for free-range products.

Health insurance rises outpace CPI
23 December 2013
With the Federal government signing off on private health insurance price rises for 2014, CHOICE is calling on Australians to health-check their insurance and make sure they have the cover need at a competitive price.

Food industry failure on front-of-pack labelling
12 December 2013 
Food industry failure on front-of-pack labelling

CHOICE welcomes ACCC free range crackdown
10 December 2013
CHOICE has welcomed the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) decision to pursue two egg producers for misleading ‘free-range’ claims.

Big food multinationals undermine healthy eating push
6 December 2013
Consumer and public health groups have condemned efforts by the food industry to undermine a new front-of-pack food labelling system agreed to earlier this year.

Consumer funded ad slams secret trade treaty
5 December 2013
CHOICE will be running an advertisement in The Australian papers tomorrow (5 December) to inform the Australian public about the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement being negotiated in Singapore this weekend.

Pretty unfair
4 December 2013 
A CHOICE review of some popular lipsticks, moisturizers and colognes has found Australians are paying up to 200% more than overseas consumers for exactly the same products.

Retail warranty rort
27 November 2013
85% of major electronics retailers have a lot to learn about consumer law.

CHOICE reveals size of proposed internet tax
26 November 2013 
CHOICE has for the first time revealed the size of the ‘internet tax’ proposed by local retailers, saying consumers and the economy more broadly would likely suffer from such a knee-jerk response.

Junk food fed through kids apps
25 November 2013
A CHOICE review of junk food marketing to kids has found fast food companies using mobile phone apps and social media to push salty, fatty and sugary foods to children without even the limited voluntary restrictions found in television advertising.

Oh no Pea Beau
22 November 2013
A CHOICE test of 15 surface sprays has found that hitting cockroaches with the old Pea Beu is the least effective way to take down these creepy crawlies, scoring a meagre 1 out of 100 in overall performance.

CHOICE welcomes draft terms of reference for financial system inquiry
21 November 2013 
CHOICE has welcomed the release of the terms of reference for the financial system inquiry, which is charged with examining how to position the financial system to best meet Australia’s needs.

Trading bad
15 November 2013
Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of Australians who could face new criminal penalties for illegally downloading content under the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership?

CHOICE says it is time for action on sky-high credit
8 November 2013 
CHOICE is calling for action on sky-high credit card surcharges following a much-anticipated report from the Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council (CCAAC).

Egg on their face
6 November 2013
Following the 8th annual Shonky Awards last week, CHOICE launched a ‘People’s Choice Shonkiest Shonky’ poll, inviting members of the public to vote for their favourite shonky.

The heat is on energy bills
30 October 2013 
CHOICE is turning the heat up on energy retailers in a bid to close a loophole that allows them to increase energy prices without informing consumers before they’ve already taken effect.

2013 Shonky Award winners
29 October 2013
Qantas, Dairy Farmers, Energy Australia and Kleenex were among the eight companies named and shamed at CHOICE’s annual Shonky Awards in Sydney today.

Consumer group wants to shine the light on secret trade deal
25 October 2013
CHOICE is today launching a campaign calling on the Federal Government to release the contents of the highly secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.

Internet phones could signal the end for landlines
17 October 2013
A CHOICE review of the growing market for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services which allows consumers to make calls over the internet has found 51.2% of those surveyed used VoIP to make calls*.

CHOICE gets the skinny on online weight-loss programs
11 October 2013
CHOICE says many online diet plans can set you up to fail, with restrictive diets, intensive exercise and excessive payments.

CHOICE makes free-range super-complaint
1 October 2013
NSW Fair Trading has been asked to investigate potentially misleading “free-range” egg claims after CHOICE found that consumers are paying double the price of cage eggs for products that are unlikely to meet their expectations.

SURVEY: GST loophole has little to do with the decision to buy online
26 September 2013
New research by CHOICE reveals that the campaign by Australian retailers to blame the GST low-value-threshold (LVT) for the industry’s woes is based more on fiction than reality.

Resist the call of duty
19 September 2013 
CHOICE’s spot check has found nine out of thirteen* products were more expensive in duty-free than from major Australian retailers and e-retailers. In fact, it appears that deluxe sized bottles of liquor are the only consistently less expensive product in duty-free shops**. The findings challenge consumer perceptions that duty-free shopping is great value all around.

Can you spot a fake online?
13 September 2013
CHOICE has investigated the booming global trade in counterfeit products which is estimated to generate AU$272 billion annually as consumers fall for dodgy designer knock-offs and sophisticated copies.

Apple bites Aussies with new iPhone pricing
12 September 2013 
CHOICE is calling on consumers to express their disappointment with Apple following the release of the new iPhone pricing which will cost Australian consumers up to 14% (excluding GST) more than consumers in the United States.

CHOICE announces new Chair
4 September 2013
CHOICE has announced the appointment of Nicole Rich as Chair of its Board, replacing Jenni Mack, who had earlier announced her intention to step down after ten years on the Board, including seven years as Chair.

Domestic robot invasion
1 September 2013
A CHOICE review of domestic robot vacuum cleaners and mops has found the dream of time-poor Australians to be able to sit down and relax while an artificially intelligent device cleans the house is still a galaxy far, far away.

Paid celebrity posts
25 August 2013 
CHOICE believes celebrities should inform consumers when they are being paid to promote a product or service on social media. “Tweeting and posting ‘selfies’ is big business and rightly or wrongly consumers put a lot of trust in what celebrities have to say,” says Tom Godfrey, Head of Media at CHOICE.

Dangers of pregnancy pill popping
16 August 2013
CHOICE reports that while over one third of pregnant women are taking herbal medicines, [1] many may be unaware of the potentially harmful side effects. 10% are not taking the recommended doses of folic acid and iodine.

Shoe shadow shop
13 August 2013 
CHOICE conducted an online shoe shadow shop and found when it comes to speed of delivery, sizing information and free delivery; traditional bricks and mortar retailers David Jones and Myer were shown a clean pair of heels by local online shops and two UK outlets.

CHOICE says it is time to fast forward copyright past the VHS era
13 August 2013 
CHOICE today released new research* showing - one in seven (14%) consumers are - breaking the law by copying music or – videos they own onto devices like iPods and tablet computers for personal use, highlighting the absurdity of Australia’s outdated copyright regime.

Aussie gamers are under attack
30 July 2013
Tuesday 30 July, 2013. A CHOICE review of PS4 and Xbox One games such as Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, and Destiny found the games will cost 37% more in Australia than in the United States, reinforcing the digital discrimination faced by local gamers.

CHOICE welcomes IT pricing review findings
29 July 2013
CHOICE has welcomed today’s final report from the Federal Parliament’s inquiry into IT pricing, saying it delivers a clear blueprint to reduce the digital price discrimination faced by Australian consumers.

Queensland flies the coop
24 July 2013
CHOICE says the Queensland Government’s backflip on free-range egg stocking density has scrambled its own standard, leaving consumers in a flap.

Consumers call for capped roaming charges
3 July 2013
CHOICE welcomes new rules forcing telcos to warn consumers of excessive overseas roaming charges.

Almost half of Australians do not know their credit card rate
28 June 2013
CHOICE has released new survey results showing that 48% of Australians who reported using their credit card recently say they do not know or are unsure of the interest rate that would apply.

Qantas charts a dodgy flightpath on surcharges
26 June 2013
While any reduction in astronomical surcharges is welcome, CHOICE would like to see Qantas' credit card surcharges fall to reflect actual processing costs.

Liquid breakfasts should up and go
25 June 2013 
A CHOICE investigation into 23 liquid breakfast products including Sanitarium’s Up & Go, Devondale Fast Start, Kellogg’s breakfast drinks, Vitasoy Vitago, Dairy Farmers Oats Express and Aldi Goldenvale Quick Start has found a spate of dodgy nutritional claims.

Winter wheat bag warning
20 June 2013
Following a joint CHOICE and Channel 7 News investigation, it has been found that children’s cuddly toys containing wheat bags needed only a few minutes in the microwave to pose a potentially deadly threat to consumers.

New star rating to help consumers choose healthier products
14 June 2013
In a major win for Australian consumers, a new star rating system for food nutrition has been approved by the nation’s food and health ministers in Sydney today.

Health insurance rip off
13 June 2013
A CHOICE investigation into the Australian health insurance industry looking at thousands of health insurance policies has found that 19% of health expenditure comes directly from the pockets of Australian consumers and isn’t rebated by Medicare, which is the highest contribution of all English-speaking countries.

Bottled water has consumers boiling
7 June 2013
CHOICE has calculated that Australians are paying 2000 times more than the cost of tap water to drink from a bottle even though 93% of households are connected to town water.

Credit card surcharges need government action
29 May 2013
A new survey commissioned by CHOICE has found that close to half of Australians who reported paying a credit card surcharge in the last three months say they were not offered or made aware of an alternative, surcharge-free payment method.

CHOICE says palm oil is being unclearly labelled
21 May 2013
CHOICE says unclear labelling of products containing palm oil is not allowing consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

CHOICE welcomes new head of media Tom Godfrey
10 May 2013 
CHOICE today announced that Tom Godfrey will take on the role of Head of Media, bringing with him over 15 years of experience in public relations, corporate communications and digital media strategy.

SimCity limits
18 April 2013
In response to ongoing problems with the latest release of Electronic Art’s (EA) SimCity CHOICE has published a guide advising consumers on how they can get a refund on the game.

CHOICE finds top selling Nespresso pods not so tasty
18 April 2013
While George Clooney’s looks may have helped Nespresso explode into a billion dollar global brand, CHOICE has found the coffee capsules aren’t as hot as their competitors, placing fourth out of five in a taste test.

CHOICE calls on four big banks to walk the talk on interest cuts
12 April 2013 
With mortgage debt at a historic high, CHOICE is challenging Australia’s major banks to use their record profitability to pass on an out-of-cycle interest rate cut to consumers.

Stop the confusion
27 March 2013 
CHOICE has welcomed recommendations that the government develop a more effective approach to country of origin labelling after an inquiry found that consumers were confused by the current approach.

Five questions for Apple, Adobe and Microsoft at IT pricing inquiry
22 March 2013
CHOICE is challenging global technology giants Adobe, Apple and Microsoft to answer five key questions at today’s Federal Parliamentary inquiry into IT pricing, which is looking at why Australians are paying about 50% more for software and hardware.

Clock ticking on outrageous surcharges
19 March 2013 
CHOICE says time has run out for excessive credit card surcharges, with the Reserve Bank's new rules limiting surcharges coming into effect today.

Salt levels on shaky ground
11 March 2013
In an era where manufacturers are meant to be reducing salt levels in processed food, a CHOICE review of kids’ food has found unacceptably high-levels of salt in a raft of products, including breakfast cereals and lunch box snacks. In some instances, a food product marketed at children was found to have more salt than the adult equivalent.

Judgement day approaches for shonky credit cards
7 March 2013 
Ahead of new rules reining in excessive credit card surcharges from 18 March,1 CHOICE is calling on the worst offenders to stop price-gouging shoppers.

CHOICE exposes Australian dirty dishwashing habits
5 March 2013 
From the dodgy habit of leaning plates together to the scandal of ‘shadowing’ – where bowls are placed over one other – a CHOICE survey has opened the lid on Australian dishwashing habits and discovered a raft of dirty problems and sticky issues.

When packaging attacks
20 February 2013
In response to the pervasiveness of frustrating, impenetrable and potentially dangerous packaging, CHOICE is today launching “Pack Attack”, a campaign calling on manufacturers to adopt packaging that doesn’t require knives, scissors or super-human strength to access.

CHOICE welcomes summons of tech giants
11 February 2013
CHOICE welcomes the move by the Federal Parliamentary Committee investigating digital prices to make international tech giants front up and explain the high prices paid by Australians.

Steaking out the truth
7 February 2013
With steaks on supermarket shelves and restaurant menus increasingly coming from beef farmed in a variety of ways – from organic to grain-fed to hormone-free - CHOICE says consumers need to be better informed about what they are buying.

CHOICE calls for insurance companies to clean up their act
31 January 2013
In the aftermath of the Queensland floods, CHOICE is calling on insurance companies to clean up their act and not use the recent disaster as a reason to jack-up premiums or abandon residents in flood-prone areas.