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    Warm up to winter

    From heating your home to staying healthy, find out how you can save costs and stay comfortable this winter.

Heating your home

Keeping healthy

  • How to buy the best cough, cold and flu treatments

    Some remedies work better than others, depending on your symptoms and their ingredients.
  • What you need to know about flu shots

    Getting a flu shot may help ensure you're not one of the many thousands of people laid low by influenza this year.
  • Throat lozenges

    Do throat lozenges really relieve sore throats and cold symptoms, or is it just marketing spin?
  • Tissue reviews

    Our lab tests will tell you which tissue is the most effective through softness, absorption, puncture and wet tear strength.
  • Vitamin D deficiency

    If there are so few symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency, how can we know if we’re getting enough?
  • Zinc acetate shortens the common cold

    Tuesday 12 July | Study finds zinc lozenges can help stop sniffles sooner, reducing the duration of the common cold by almost three days.
  • How to get rid of mould

    How to clean mould yourself, and when you should call the pros.

Winter comfort

Food & kitchen

Winter travel

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