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  • Shonkys Awards 2021

    The countdown has begun!    

    On 4 November we'll reveal the shonkiest products and companies that have taken advantage of Australian consumers in 2021.

Shonkys Winners 2020

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Hall of Shame

  • 2019 Shonky Awards

    From a rotten fridge that spoils your food to health cover that leaves you exposed... these are the winners of a 2019 Shonky Award.
  • 2018 Shonky Awards

    From a toaster that fails miserably at its only job, to portacots that put infant lives at risk... these are the winners of a 2018 Shonky Award.
  • 2017 Shonky Awards

    From a fabric softener that performs worse than water, to a bank trying to recruit customers before they're born... these are the winners of a 2017 Shonky Award.
  • 2016 Shonky Awards

    From a carpet cleaner that performs worse than water, to a phone that’s too hot to handle... these are the winners of a 2016 Shonky Award.
  • 2015 Shonky Awards

    From a flushable wipe that you really shouldn't flush, to payday lenders who are cashing in on consumers... these are the winners of a 2015 Shonky Award.
  • 2014 Shonky Awards

    From a peanut butter biscuit that has no peanuts in it, to a bank that raids kids’ piggy banks... these are the winners of a 2014 Shonky Award.
  • 2013 Shonky Awards

    From a baby product that doesn't meet Australian Standards to an egg supplier with misleading “free range” claims... these are the winners of a 2013 Shonky Award.
  • 2012 Shonky Awards

    From a mould remover that doesn't remove mould, to a travel group with some dodgy practices... these are the winners of a 2012 Shonky Award.
  • 2011 Shonky Awards

    From a couple of terrible weight loss products to the entire insurance industry for shonky behaviour... these are the winners of a 2011 Shonky Award.
  • 2010 Shonky Awards

    From a credit card with poor-performing travel rewards, to 'targeted' pain relief that targets your wallet... These are the winners of a 2010 Shonky Award.
  • 2009 Shonky Awards

    From a virtually useless power saver device to the sky-high surcharges of Qantas and Tiger Airways... these are the winners of a 2009 Shonky Award.
  • 2008 Shonky Awards

    From 'nutrient-enhanced' water with dubious claims to the luxury body dryer that's a load of hot air... these are the winners of a 2008 Shonky Award.
  • 2007 Shonky Awards

    Super-expensive super juices, Nutella's curious health claims and a frustrating frisbee were all winners this year.
  • 2006 Shonky Awards

    Our inaugural Shonky Award winners set the bar low, like the pre-mixed gin and tonic drink with no gin or tonic.

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