CHOICE members often ask us to test mattresses in our labs, but personal preference is also a huge factor when buying one, so shopping around and doing a little research is essential. See our mattress buying guide for tips, check out our mattress industry pricing investigation and ask friends and family about what they like, too.

Interested in a "bed-in-a-box" foam and latex mattresses? Our 2017 mattress review looks at five popular mattresses from brands like Koala, and compares them with a traditional innersping Sealy.

Our 2015 mattress satisfaction survey forms part of our annual reliability survey, which asks thousands of members about the products they own, including TVs, fridges, vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners, steam mops, juicers, smartphones, washing machines and hot water systems.

How we survey

Mattress brands

In April and May 2015, we asked more than 5000 people who'd bought a new mattress to tell us:

  • when they'd bought it
  • the mattress brand and type (such as inner-spring, latex, memory foam)
  • what the pillow top is made from (if applicable)
  • how much they spent on the mattress
  • how they would rate the mattress on a seven-point scale from "excellent" to "terrible" (categories are weighted to calculate the satisfaction score)
  • whether they experienced any major or minor problems with the mattress and if so, what were the main issues?

Mattress survey results

Tempur and Madison owners are more satisfied than owners of other brands. However, most mattress owners are happy overall regardless of brand, with 74% of people rating them either excellent or very good.

Mattress satisfaction
Brand Owner satisfaction* % of owners reporting a problem*
Tempur (266) 88 12
Madison (80) 86 9
Sealy (1375) 82 13
A.H. Beard (360) 82 22
IKEA (176) 81 9
King Koil (367) 81 15
Slumberland (116) 81 16
Dunlopillo (60) 81 22
Makin Mattresses (144) 81 25
SleepMaker (744) 80 15
Simmons (122) 80 24
Sleepyhead (53) 79 17
Sleep City (66) 76 18
Sample size in brackets.
*Base: Up to first eight years of ownership. 

Mattress types

Out of all mattresses, 49% have a pillow-top, which is the additional padding sewn onto the top of the mattress. The most popular types of pillow tops are cotton, memory foam, wool and latex.

When asked about mattress types, inner-spring was overwhelmingly popular.

What type of mattress do you have?
Type % owners
Inner-spring 78
Latex 11
Memory foam 8
Other foam (eg polyurethane) 1
Other type 2

Main problems

In the first eight years of ownership, only 4% of mattress owners reported a major problem and only 16% had any problem at all. Of those with problems, the most common complaint was sinking and sagging (59%). Other complaints include back pain and being hot (memory foam owners were less likely to complain of sagging, but were more likely to have complaints about being hot).

Is it worth paying more for a mattress?

People who spend less than $500 on a mattress are significantly less happy with their mattress on average, but once you get over this amount we found it has very little impact on satisfaction. Most people tend to spend between $1000 and $2000 on a mattress, and it always pays to negotiate. Check out our 2017 investigation into mattress industry pricing for more.

How much did your mattress cost?
Amount % owners
Less than $500 5
$500–$999 19
$1000–$1999 38
$2000–$2999 23
$3000+ 16