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Australia's most reliable mattress brands

The mattress brands that best hold up over time, as chosen by the CHOICE members who sleep on them.

couple testing mattress in store

CHOICE members often ask us to test mattresses in our labs, but personal preference is also a huge factor when it comes to buying the right mattress for you, so shopping around and doing a little research is essential. 

We ask thousands of members about the mattresses they own, what they think of them and how they've held up over time.

More than 7000 members participated and the information they provided gives us a really good indication of how various mattress brands stack up over time – something we can't test in our labs.

The top performer

Most reliable brand: Tempur

Highest owner satisfaction: Tempur

How we survey

In April and May 2018, we asked more than 7000 people who'd bought a new mattress to tell us:

  • when they'd bought it
  • the mattress brand and type (such as inner-spring, latex, memory foam)
  • what the pillow top is made from (if applicable)
  • how much they spent on the mattress
  • how they'd rate the mattress on a seven-point scale from "excellent" to "terrible" (categories are weighted to calculate the satisfaction score)
  • whether they experienced any major or minor problems with the mattress and if so, what were the main issues?

Mattress brand performance

Tempur is the top brand for both reliability and satisfaction. Fans of Tempur mattresses say that they sleep well on the mattress and an impressive 59% rate their mattress as "excellent". Across all brands, the average satisfaction score is 81%. Tempur may be a popular brand with our members, but our lab results tell a different story. See our mattress review to find out why our testers didn't rate it so well.

Mattress reliability
Brand Reliability % Satisfaction %
Tempur (187) 93 89
King Koil (178) 89 82
Ikea (124) 87 80
Sleepmaker (379) 86 80
Sealy (815) 86 79
Makin (74) 80 85
A.H. Beard (242) 79 79
Koala (122)* NA 86
Madison (60) NA 86
Snooze (73) NA 78
Sample size in brackets. *Most people had owned their Koala mattress for three years or less, so reliability couldn't be reported on.

Mattress types

Out of all mattresses, 78% have a pillow-top, which is the additional padding sewn onto the top of the mattress. The most popular types of pillow tops are cotton, memory foam, wool and latex.

When asked about mattress types, inner-spring was overwhelmingly popular.

What type of mattress do you have?
Type % owners
Inner-spring 72
Memory foam 9
Latex 8

What we found

Of those members surveyed, 60% have never experienced problems with their mattress, and only 6% said they contacted the brand for service support.

Common problems with mattresses

  • Sinking, sagging or denting (17%).
  • Too heavy to lift, rotate or move (16%).


We also asked respondents how much they paid for their mattress. 35% spent $1001-$2000, 22% spent under $1000, and 21% spent $2001-$3000. The majority of Koala and Ikea mattress owners spent less than $1000.

Most people tend to spend between $1000 and $2000 on a mattress, and it always pays to negotiate. Check out our investigation into mattress industry pricing for more.

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