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Christmas groceries set to be more expensive in 2019

The CHOICE guide to Christmas 2019 - Aldi impresses experts.

It’s bad news for families this year as the CHOICE Christmas Basket Challenge finds Christmas getting more expensive for Coles and Woolworths customers, while Aldi continues a hot streak when it comes to price competition and winning two CHOICE expert blind taste tests.

The results are:


Infogram available for embedding here:

The results show Coles and Woolworths both coming in more expensive compared to Christmas 2018 and Coles dropping to third place in 2019.

CHOICE conducted the comparison by putting together a shopping list of 22 items Australians typically purchase around Christmas. We then compared prices for these items across Aldi, Coles and Woolworths on the same day.

Images and video available via Dropbox:

"Christmas is set to be more expensive this year," says CHOICE consumer advocate Jonathan Brown.

"We compared the Christmas basics across Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. It wouldn’t be Christmas without candy canes, mince pies, pavlova and finding bits of tinsel around the house weeks later." 

"When it comes to price, Aldi is the clear winner for a cheap Christmas, but of course other factors often come into consideration at Christmas too. CHOICE’s Supermarket Satisfaction Survey earlier this year found local supermarket brands were highly rated for their fresh food and customer service, so if freshness and service matters to you, it might be worth considering a local brand."

It’s a good year for Aldi, with their Luxury Christmas Pudding also topping CHOICE’s expert blind taste test, beating out the Coles equivalent AND winning our festive custard blind taste test. (We promise - the experts don't know what brand they're tasting!)


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It’s not all bad news for Coles and Woolworths, with their online delivery services growing in popularity. CHOICE has looked into the pros and cons of getting your Christmas groceries delivered.


CHOICE experts have also shared their Christmas wishlists, with Managing Editor Margaret Rafferty getting behind the #buyfromthebush campaign.

"Really, what I want is something made with love and care in Australia by someone who has been affected by our drought. That’s what I want and what I’ll be buying for others."

Other favourites from CHOICE staff include supporting local chocolate makers and investing in experiences. 

For more Christmas gift guides and grocery tips head to

Images and video available via Dropbox:

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Editor’s notes:

Full list of groceries: 

- Half leg ham (closest to 5kg)

- Turkey breast roast, frozen (1kg)

- Smoked salmon (500g)

- Australian tiger prawns, cooked (1kg)

- Christmas pudding (700g)

- Fruit mince pies (6 pack)

- Brandy snaps (8 pack)

- Raspberries, frozen (500g)

- Thickened cream (600mL)

- Pavlova (500g)

- Custard (1L)

- Candy canes (30 pack)

- Brie (125g)

- Mixed nuts, salted (375g)

- Chocolate coins (150g)

- Cadbury Roses (450g)

- Chocolate Lindt balls or equivalent (150g or closest)

- Christmas cards (10 pack)

- Christmas gift wrap (single roll, 5m)

- Tinsel (4m or closest)

- Outdoor LED fairy/icicle lights (250 pack or closest)

- Christmas crackers/bon bons (10 pack or closest)