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  • December 2023

    Win for fairness in financial advice

    The Australian Government announces that the best interests duty for financial advisers will stay in place, following advocacy to keep it by CHOICE and other groups. The rule ensures customers get helpful advice of a high standard.

  • December 2023

    Coles refunds thousands of customers

    Following our complaint to the ACCC about Coles' false 'locked' price claims, the supermarket apologises for raising prices of 20 products before the end of promotional periods and refunds thousands of customers.

  • September 2023

    Stronger renters’ rights in Vic

    After a CHOICE report exposing invasive rent-tech, the Victorian Government commits to strengthening renters' rights, including restrictions on personal information collection and retention.

  • September 2023

    Bank execs on notice as new rules pass

    New legislation, the Financial Accountability Regime (FAR), passes. Once in force, the rules will hold top executives accountable for misconduct by banks, super funds or insurers. They are backed up by strong penalties.

  • August 2023

    Qantas backs down on COVID credits

    Qantas removes the expiry date on credits for customers who had flights cancelled due to COVID, and allows them to ask for a refund. This follows our campaigns on travel rights, including awarding Qantas a Shonky for its behaviour in 2022.

  • JUNE 2023

    Win for victims of financial misconduct

    A banking royal commission reform passes after decades of pressure from consumer groups. The compensation scheme of last resort will provide compensation for many victims.

  • MAY 2023

    Super advocate receives further funding

    The government commits an additional five years of funding to continue consumer advocacy in the superannuation sector.

  • MAY 2023

    Consumer protections from scams

    The government commits $86.5 million in funding to combat scams, including the establishment of the National Anti-Scams Centre.

  • DEC 2022

    ACCC takes action on shonky Bloomex

    Following its 2022 Shonky Award, Bloomex is taken to court for publishing misleading online star ratings and price representations.

  • NOV 2022

    Grieving WA consumers now protected

    Funeral operators must now display prices publicly and provide key information without requiring people to meet with a sales representative.

  • OCT 2022

    New fines for breaching consumer rights

    Companies who harm, mislead or deceive consumers will face up to 5x greater penalties. For the first time ever, companies who rely on unfair contract terms will also face penalties.

  • OCT 2022

    Timeshare taken to task

    Ultiqa will pay a $900,000 penalty for breaching financial advice protections for consumers thanks to action from ASIC. We raised the alarm in our super complaint in May 2021.

  • SEPT 2022

    A ban on binary options

    These dodgy financial products share many characteristics with high risk gambling. CHOICE supported a ban to prevent consumer harm, and ASIC has extended that ban until 1 October 2031.

  • AUG 2022

    South Australia joins school banking ban

    Private banks are banned from school banking programs in South Australia, joining Victoria, NSW, Queensland and ACT state governments. We awarded Dollarmites a Shonky in 2018.

  • JULY 2022

    Urgent funeral assistance for Youpla members

    In an important first step, the Federal Government commits to covering funeral benefits for active Youpla members who pass away, up until November 2023. 

  • july 2022

    Big retailers pause facial recognition

    Bunnings, Kmart and The Good Guys temporarily stop using facial recognition technology while the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) investigates. This comes on the back of a CHOICE investigation and campaign.

  • JULY 2022

    Revitalife refunds consumers 

    The ACCC makes bed company (and 2020 Shonky Award winner) Revitalife to refund 49 customers a total of $57,646.

  • JULY 2022

    Unsafe Noirot heaters recalled

    Panel heater manufacturer Olympia Splendid recalls four models after they fail a CHOICE cord anchorage test, which can cause electric shock. The findings are reported to the ACCC. 

  • JUNE 2022

    Safer prams, strollers & trikes

    Safety standards for prams and strollers are strengthened after a 2020 CHOICE investigation shows significant safety issues. 

  • JUNE 2022

    Button battery safety standard

    Authorities introduce a world-leading safety standard, with tough penalties for businesses who don’t comply. Australian kids are now safer, thanks to CHOICE advocacy and awareness-raising by mothers like Andrea and Allison.

  • JUNE 2022

    Button battery thongs recalled

    Thanks to the CHOICE member, Tracey, who got in touch with a worrying product:  children’s light-up thongs with soles that were wearing through to expose dangerous button batteries. We alerted the ACCC, and Big W agreed to recall the products. 

  • APRIL 2022

    High-risk financial products stay banned

    After we called for regulation, ASIC announced a 5-year extension of the product intervention power restricting the sale of harmful and high-risk financial products called contracts for difference. This will protect consumers from financial harm. 

  • April 2022

    Better protections on resold tickets

    Thanks to consumer pressure, the government introduced a new Information Standard. Now, companies reselling event tickets need to disclose the original value of the ticket what you’re buying  so you aren’t left ripped off.
  • February 2022

    Tinder promises fairer pricing

    In 2020, CHOICE and our international counterparts found Tinder Plus users in 5 out of 6 countries were paying more depending on their age. Now, Tinder has promised to stop charging consumers different prices based on age, but hasn’t yet committed to stopping all price discrimination.

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