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CHOICE response to Minister Sukkar announcing better hand sanitiser regulation

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Senior Campaigner Dean Price

"This is a win for people power. Australians asked for commonsense regulation of an essential product. With CHOICE, Australians have demanded better and Minister Sukkar and the ACCC have listened. Hand sanitisers will be safer thanks to over twenty-two thousand Australians demanding better.

"With these changes you’ll be able to use labels to find hand sanitisers that have the minimum 60% alcohol needed to be effective against COVID-19. Minister Sukkar’s plan for minimum standards for hand sanitisers will help restore people’s trust in this essential product. By making sure that the percentage of alcohol is clear on the label it will be easier to know what to buy.

"This new standard will deliver what CHOICE has been asking for - simple labels to help people find a product that protects them and their family. The 22,584 people who joined up to our campaign will be pleased that the Minister has listened and will deliver this sensible change to labels.

"CHOICE supporters raised their concerns with us about dodgy hand sanitisers early during the pandemic in 2020. Consumer concerns led us to conduct tests and scan the market. What we found was disappointing. Our tests uncovered two dud hand sanitisers that offered no protection against COVID-19 and a confusing mess of labels that made it hard for people to find safe products. This announcement helps fix the hand sanitiser labelling mess.

"We will continue to warn people against the use of alcohol-free products, until manufacturers can prove to the Therapeutic Goods Administration that their product is effective against COVID-19.” 

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