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“Time running out to avoid health insurance rip-offs”: CHOICE

Private health insurance tops CHOICE Consumer Pulse cost concerns again.

Consumer advocate CHOICE is warning Australians they only have three weeks to avoid being ripped off by their private health insurance, as health insurance tops household cost worries in the 23rd CHOICE Consumer Pulse survey.

Of their household costs, survey respondents identified private health insurance as their most pressing cost concern (80%), beating fuel (78%) and electricity (74%).

(The CHOICE Consumer Pulse is a regular nationally representative survey - past results can be found here)


Full resolution image and PDF available on Dropbox:

"With premiums set to rise again on April 1, time is running out to avoid health insurance rip-offs. You only have a couple of weeks to take action on your health insurance," says CHOICE consumer advocate Jonathan Brown.

"Private health insurance has officially taken over energy as the most pressing household cost concern. Since the introduction of the new Gold, Silver and Bronze health tiers last year, CHOICE’s experts have been doing deep analysis and crunching the numbers to help cut through the confusion."

In 2019 CHOICE analysis found some Australians were paying an additional $1700 a year on some Silver Plus policies and the consumer advocate awarded Medibank a Shonky Award for ‘Basic’ cover that was more expensive than a number of ‘Bronze’ policies. Analysis was made possible by CHOICE’s team of expert analysts and non-profit and independent health insurance comparison tool.

CHOICE Health Insurance Action Plan

CHOICE has released a 5 step action plan to help Australians before the April 1 price rises:


Embeddable infographic available at:

"The CHOICE Health Insurance Action Plan is about cutting through the crap. Some commercial comparison sites compare as few as seven health funds. As a non-profit, CHOICE wants to help you make the right decision for you and your loved one’s needs. That includes figuring out if you even need private health insurance."

The full CHOICE Health Insurance Action Plan is available at:

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Media contact: Jonathan Brown,, 0430 172 669

Further material available on Dropbox:

Editor’s notes:

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