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Harris Farm Markets impresses NSW shoppers:

NSW shoppers have driven local brand Harris Farm Markets to number 2 in the first ever CHOICE Supermarket Satisfaction Survey.

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In the survey of over 2,800 Australians, Adele from NSW told CHOICE that she preferred Harris Farm "for better quality fruit and veg and unique delicacies".

"It's clear that people in New South Wales care a lot about fresh and local produce" says Food Expert Rachel Clemons.

"There's a lot for the big supermarket brands to learn from this survey. Harris Farm Markets had a particular reputation for quality and freshness and it seems there's a bit of state pride at play, with shoppers wanting to support local producers"

The results showed a similar fondness for local brands from South Australians, with Foodland supermarkets taking out the top spot for overall satisfaction. 45% of survey respondents overall told us they were frustrated by the lack of locally produced products at their supermarkets.

Here's how Australian supermarkets rank for overall customer satisfaction in 2019:

  1. Foodland (overall score 82%)
  2. Harris Farm Markets (81%)
  3. Costco (76%)
  4. Aldi (74%)
  5. IGA/Supa IGA (73%)
  6. FoodWorks (71%)
  7. Woolworths (69%)
  8. Coles (67%)

Media contact: Jonathan Brown, 0430 172 669 -

Margaret Rafferty and Jonathan Brown are available for TV comment.

Rachel Clemons is available for radio and print comment.

Available for download on Dropbox:

  • More detailed survey results
  • National media release
  • SA media release
  • Video, audio and photo assets