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Rio Olympics ticket scam

CHOICE says don't get disqualified by Rio Olympics ticket scammers.

27 July 2016

With nine days until the Rio Olympics, consumer group CHOICE has issued a warning to Aussie supporters not to get disqualified by purchasing tickets through dodgy unauthorised ticket websites.

The warning follows an investigation by CHOICE's UK counterpart Which? that has found the website appears to be selling Olympic tickets in breach of official ticket restrictions. states "you're protected with us"[1] yet people buying from this site risk not being allowed into the event because the Rio 2016 Olympic Games terms and conditions forbid entry if your ticket is purchased from an authorised source. [2]

"Purchasing last minute tickets to support the Aussie team in Rio using an unauthorised website could see you fall at the first hurdle," says CHOICE Head of Media, Tom Godfrey.

"There is little doubt that these ticket scammers are out to make a fast buck as competition for the best tickets heats up.

"If you use this site to snap up 10 Category A tickets to the Opening Ceremony at Maracanã Stadium on August 5 you stand to lose a staggering $28,916.20.[3]

"Even though authorised resellers are limited to selling just four tickets per transaction, this site is offering up to 20 tickets per transaction. Clearly, a scam like this comes with significant financial pain.

"Forking out for 20 Category A tickets at $597.90 each to the 100 metre final could see you out of pocket to the tune of $11,958.80. [4]

"Adding insult to injury, the unauthorised tickets also come with a price premium. Purchasing a Category A ticket to the Opening Ceremony through the official Rio Olympic site costs $1882.21[5] compared to $2891.64 [6] through the unauthorised seller.

"Paying a 54% price premium to purchase a ticket through an unauthorised website that could be disqualified outside the Olympic stadium just isn't worth it," Mr Godfrey says.

Some of the warning signs consumers should be on the lookout for are sites:

  • selling up to 20 tickets, when the official allowance is only four
  • with no contact details or a physical office
  • with dodgy five star rating.

"If you have purchased tickets through a dodgy website that is based overseas, your best option is to seek a charge back on your credit card through your bank," says Mr Godfrey.

The official Australian reseller is: For further information visit:

Media Inquiries

Tom Godfrey, Head of Media - 0430 172 669 - @choice_news


Set up by consumers for consumers, CHOICE is the consumer advocate that provides Australians with information and advice, free from commercial bias. As vital today as when we were founded in 1959, CHOICE continues to fight for consumers and uncover the truth. By mobilising Australia's largest and loudest consumer movement, CHOICE fights to hold industry and government accountable and achieve real change on the issues that matter most.

Ticket purchasing tips

  • Check the site is an Authorised Ticket Source here:
  • Check to see if the company you are purchasing through has a physical office.
  • Ticketing policy for the Rio Olympics only allows four tickets to be purchase.





[5] One opening ceremony ticket costs R$4,600 converted to AUD converted to $1875.75 on 22 July 2016$6633765&fun=evdetail

[6] One unauthorized ticket US$2162.00 converted to A$2889.45

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