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2016 media releases

Cosmetic expiry dates
26 November 2016
CHOICE says Aussies need to be aware of the potential risks of old cosmetics

CHOICE welcomes ACCC action against Meriton
24 November 2016
CHOICE says companies shouldn't suppress unfavourable online reviews

Food fraud victory
09 November 2016
CHOICE welcomes ACCC food fraud crack down

Spray cleaner test
07 November 2016
CHOICE says big brand spray stain removers clean out your wallet with mark-ups up to 1572% above better performing supermarket products

New rules on GST leave consumers worse off
04 November 2016
CHOICE fears legislative changes aimed at forcing oversease websites to charge GST on low-value purchases will ultimately leave consumers worse off.

Airline's sky high tick box tax
03 November 2016
CHOICE says avoiding airlines' add-on travel insurance can save families hundreds of dollars on their next holiday.

Pointless timeshare pain
27 October 2016
CHOICE says consumers can lose up to 90 percent on timeshare investments

Dishing the dirt on dishwasher detergents
24 October 2016
CHOICE tests take the shine off dishwashing powders

Car enthusiasts taken for a ride
21 October 2016
CHOICE says buyers of imported used cars could be getting a bum steer on odometer readings

Barbecue gas bottle warning
17 October 2016

CHOICE is urging consumers to check their barbecue gas bottles after a spate of backyard blazes across Sydney left at least one person in hospital

International call for Samsung to come clean
17 October 2016
CHOICE is joining international consumer groups to call on Samsung to fully disclose the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco

Samsung washing machine fire
14 October 2016
CHOICE says consumers need to get dodgy Samsung products out of their homes

Samsung's flaming Galaxy sparks call for reform
12 October 2016
CHOICE says Samsung's ongoing failure to put safe products on the market illustrates why we need to improve our product safety system

Milo stars at this year's Shonkys
05 October 2016
CHOICE says Nestle needs to stop health washing with its Milo marketing claims

Vanish cleans up at this year’s Shonkys
05 October 2016
CHOICE test reveals water outperforms Vanish carpet cleaner

Shonkys 2016
05 October 2016
All the "winners" at the 2016 Shonky Awards, where CHOICE names and shames the worst goods and services sold in Australia.

Cot Safety Warning
30 September 2016
CHOICE is warning consumers to stop using the All 4 Bubs Lunar Cot following major safety failures

CHOICE & National Seniors join forces to stop nuisance calls
28 September 2016
CHOICE research shows that Australians are hounded by fundraising calls, with a quarter receiving calls for cash each week

Mandatory safety warning fiasco
26 September 2016
CHOICE says consumers shouldn’t be kept waiting in the dark when a product kills or injures someone

Fake reviews under spotlight
23 September 2016
CHOICE welcomes ACCC’s sweep of fake reviews designed to clean up the sharing economy

What is HP inking?
21 September 2016
CHOICE says it’s a black day for ink

Button battery code
19 September 2016
CHOICE Welcomes Voluntary Button Battery Code

Junk food giants slow to swallow Health Stars
14 September 2016
CHOICE says it’s time the global confectionary giants stopped sugar coating the truth and displayed Health Stars on all packs

Website blocking powers extended to target foreign retailers
14 September 2016
CHOICE says reveals the Federal Government has powers to block overseas websites that refuse to charge GST on low-value purchases as early as July next year

Samsung Galaxy Flames out
6 September 2016
CHOICE says consumers who purchased one of the 51,060 recalled Samsung Galaxy Note7’s should exercise their refund rights

Health costs and economic uncertainty dominate Australian household concerns 
5 September 2016
Rising health care costs of major concern to 3 out of 4 Australian households

Clothing size chaos
5 September 2016
CHOICE says it’s time for a national sizing survey to see how we measure ups

Time for a national consumer complaints register
25 August 2016
Households hit with an annual average bank fee bill of $465 driven by fees on credit cards, loans and accounts

Consumers call for clarity to bust milk myths
17 August 2016
CHOICE says consumers will spend an additional $113.7 on milk this year following the $1 milk boycott with no guarantee that processors will pass on funds to farmers

Samsung washing machine fires
15 August 2016
CHOICE says it’s time to seek a refund as fires and incidents from dodgy Samsung washing machines top 297

Bank fee frenzy
15 August 2016
Households hit with an annual average bank fee bill of $465 driven by fees on credit cards, loans and accounts

Thermomix gags safety regulator
11 August 2016
CHOICE says it is deeply concerning that Thermomix is able to suppress vital safety reports from the public

Pumped by dirty fuel
04 August 2016
CHOICE says it pays to know your rights when it comes to contaminated fuel

Cat food nutrient test
04 August 2016
Choice says snappy cat food claims and premium prices don’t always equal nutritional goodness

Sour lollies fail the acid test
29 July 2016
CHOICE has tested 20 different sour lolly products and found their acid levels all fell in the danger zone for tooth enamel.

Rio Olympics ticket scam
27 July 2016
CHOICE has issued a warning to Aussie supporters not to get disqualified by buying tickets through dodgy unauthorised ticket websites.

Call for cash compensation as airline delays take off
21 July 2016
CHOICE says airlines should be forced to pay fixed financial compensation for flight delays and cancellations.

"Faux fuit" snack bars
17 July 2016
A review of 224 snack bars by CHOICE has found some of the biggest brands are tricking consumers by depicting images of real fruit on pack even though their products are loaded with added sugar and contain minimal actual fruit ingredients.

Junk food giants fined for dodgy school canteen logos
11 July 2016
CHOICE has welcomed the ACCC's decision to penalise Unilever and Smith's more than $10,000 each for allegedly making false or misleading representations with on-pack school canteen certifications designed to make kids' snacks appear healthier than they are.

Escape the "Telstra Tax"
11 July 2016
CHOICE says consumers shouldn't be locked into paying a 92% premium to access Telstra's failing network.

Product safety laws unleash unsafe furniture
29 June 2016
CHOICE says Ikea must recall its children's chests of drawers in Australia to protect consumers

Winter tights test
27 June 2016
CHOICE says winter tights don't have to stretch your budget.

Banks $12.5 billion fee frenzy
17 June 2016
Households hit with an annual average bank fee bill of $465 driven by fees on credit cards, loans and accounts.

Lemon squeeze: dodgy new car sales in regulator's sights
17 June 2016
CHOICE welcomes moves by the ACCC to investigate consumer problems with new cars

Kleenex's grubby marketing claims 
16 June 2016   
CHOICE says don't clog up your pipes with Kleenex's dodgy "flushable" wipes

Allianz bitten for punishing old pets 
13 June 2016
CHOICE has welcomed Allianz Australia Insurance Limited's (Allianz) decision to compensate 740 Petplan insurance customers more than $231,000 after it failed to properly disclose the true costs of its products.

Don't let a storm leave you at sea  
7 June 2016
CHOICE says don't let tricky terms and conditions threaten your storm claim.

Woolies' grubby role in detergent cartel
3 June 2016
CHOICE welcomes Woolworths' $9 million fine for ripping off shoppers as part of the laundry detergent cartel.

Button battery injuries spark campaign 
31 May 2016
CHOICE is calling for the Federal Government to introduce mandatory safety standards around the sale of button batteries.

RBA bans fixed-dollar surcharges
31 May 2016
CHOICE has welcomed the RBA's decision to ban fixed-dollar surcharges from 1 September after nearly a decade of campaigning against the rip-off that took off with airlines and ticketing companies.

Nurofen needs more pain
23 May 2016
CHOICE welcomes the ACCC's appeal against Nurofen's insignificant fine as consumers are still being slugged a 652% mark-up for dodgy targeted pain products.

Thermomix mass incident report 
12 May 2016 
CHOICE calls for the regulator to act as report finds Thermomix blamed burns victims and played hardball with consumers' rights.

Banks forced to end credit card trickery 
9 May 2016 
CHOICE says the Federal Government's reforms will for the first time force banks to display the true costs of credit cards.

Optus puts football fans offside
4 May 2016
CHOICE says you could fly to London and watch the English Premier League for the cost of an Optus subscription.

Sugar-coating baby snacks
4 May 2016
CHOICE says "healthy"-sounding snacks for babies can contain up to 60% sugar.

Budget no cure for rising health costs
4 May 2016
CHOICE says consumers will benefit from superannuation reforms in the 2016-17 Federal Budget, but warns households will feel the pain of rising healthcare costs.

Geoblocks must go to end digital discrimination
29 April 2016
CHOICE says the Productivity Commission's intellectual property recommendations lay the foundations to end digital discrimination and boost competition.

Nurofen penalty not painful enough
29 April 2016
CHOICE calls for bigger fines that cause real headaches for dodgy businesses.

Colgate cleaned up
28 April 2016
Consumer group CHOICE has welcomed the Federal Court's decision today to hit Colgate-Palmolive with an $18 million fine for cartel conduct to control the supply and pricing of laundry detergents.

Consumer groups welcome a stronger ASIC
20 April 2016
Consumer groups CHOICE and Consumer Action Law Centre welcome today's announcement of new funding and powers to protect consumers of financial services.

Consumers back big bank levy
19 April 2016
CHOICE says health and finances are major concerns, with 74% of consumers supporting a levy to protect them against banks' bad behaviour.

CHOICE lets the cat out of the bag on pet insurance terms & conditions that can come back to bite you
18 April 2016
A review of pet insurance policies by consumer group CHOICE has found consumers can pay up to $2120 per year and still not be covered for common illnesses such as kennel cough and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

Fake free-range fine of $300,000 shows egg rort continues
15 April 2016
CHOICE welcomes the Federal Court's decision to fine Free-Range Egg Farms, which produce the brands Ecoeggs, Port Stephens and Field Fresh, for making false or misleading representations in their labelling and promotion of eggs as 'free-range'.

CHOICE launches free "CluckAR" app to help consumers boycott bad eggs
7 April 2016
Consumer group CHOICE has launched a free augmented reality app to help shoppers avoid dodgy free-range eggs in the supermarket.

CHOICE food fraud investigation
6 April 2016
CHOICE spot check reveals seven oregano brands selling adulterated products.

Country of origin labels cleaned up
31 March 2016
CHOICE has welcomed the release of the Federal Government's new country of origin food labelling scheme along with new funding for the consumer regulator, the ACCC, to make sure companies implement labels correctly.

Ministers make free-range eggs meaningless
31 March 2016
CHOICE is calling on consumers to boycott bad eggs in light of consumer affairs ministers' decision to prop up dodgy free-range labelling and continue ripping consumers off up to $43 million a year.

Thermoburns campaign 
29 March 2016
CHOICE is calling on consumers to report any Thermomix burns for Australia's first mass incident report.

CHOICE says Samsung must explain why 32,000 "repaired" machines will be reassessed
23 March 2016
CHOICE is concerned at reports Samsung will have to physically check around 32,000 "repaired" top loader washing machines following widespread consumer concern about the veracity of the fix.

Time to firm up cot mattress safety
23 March 2016
CHOICE is calling for the cot mattress 'firmness test' to be made mandatory after three of 12 products assessed failed safety checks.

CHOICE calls for action on pointless 'junk' private health insurance policies
22 March 2016
CHOICE has identified seven popular 'junk' private health insurance policies that it says are a waste of money for consumers and tax payers, and is calling on the Federal Government to act.

Unsafe hoverboard ban
18 March 2016
Consumer advocacy group CHOICE has welcomed the Federal Assistant Treasurer's decision to place an interim ban on unsafe hoverboards following a spate of house fires directly linked to the popular products in Australia.

Kiwis kick Jetstar's dodgy ticks into touch
17 March 2016
Consumer advocacy group CHOICE has renewed its call for Jetstar to ditch pre-selected extras that plague consumers during the online checkout process following a decision by the New Zealand Commerce commission to force the carrier to end the practice.

Global car companies driving home lemons
14 March 2016
Research by consumer advocacy group CHOICE has revealed the world's biggest car companies are forcing consumers to sign non-disclosure agreements before granting them access to basic legal rights.

Australia's future safety and labelling laws under threat
12 March 2016
CHOICE has called on the Minister for Trade to opt-out of dangerous clauses in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, which could see future food labelling and product safety laws ditched under legal pressure from multi-national companies.

CHOICE says we need to turn the chook-cam on bogus free-range marketing tactics  
2 March 2016
Consumer advocacy group CHOICE has fried dodgy free-range egg claims at Parliament House in Canberra this morning.

Health insurers cashing in on poor value extras cover 
2 March 2016
Following the announcement of this year's 5.59% private health insurance average price increase, CHOICE is encouraging consumers to consider dropping their extras insurance unless they are confident of receiving more in benefits than they are paying in premiums.

Dick Smith fire sale warning
26 February 2016
CHOICE is warning consumers who are looking to bag a bargain in the Dick Smith fire sale that they will struggle to exercise their consumer right to refund, repair or replacement from the retailer after it closes down.

Dick Smith goes under
25 February 2016
CHOICE says today's announcement that remaining Dick Smith stores will close within eight weeks shows the need for reforms to gift cards that will better protect consumers.

CHOICE welcomes new legislation to end excessive surcharging once and for all
22 February 2016
CHOICE has welcomed the passing of legislation that will finally give a regulator the power to crack down on companies slugging consumers with surcharges 1,000% above the cost of processing credit card payments.

Life insurance advice improved but consumers still at risk
11 February 2016
CHOICE has welcomed legislation introduced by the Federal Government today that will reduce but not remove commissions for life insurance advice but warns that consumers are still at risk of bad advice and product churn.

CHOICE reveals health-washing by global food brands
14 February 2016
CHOICE has uncovered health washing on a popular Nestle powdered drink and a number of cereals from Kellogg's, as the food giants try to manipulate the Federal Government's Health Star Rating scheme.

Funding cuts crippling financial regulator
11 February 2016 
CHOICE is calling on the Federal Government to increase funding to ASIC following a 74% decrease in high intensity surveillance activities.

Car imports reform: consumers take the wheel
10 February 2016
Consumer advocacy group CHOICE has welcomed the Federal Government's decision to allow personal imports of new cars and motorcycles from overseas markets.

Six Gerry Harveys or a TPP?
February 4 2016
Consumer group CHOICE has questioned the value of Australia signing the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal following analysis by the World Bank.

Tiger gets a ticking off 
29 January 2016
CHOICE is warning consumers to think carefully before purchasing pre-ticked travel insurance following an ASIC investigation that found Tigerair misled customers into thinking they were covered for flight delays when they weren't.

Dick Smith 'cash back' caution
25 January 2016
CHOICE says consumers are unlikely to get their cash back if Dick Smith goes under.

Netflix gone in a flash
15 January 2016
CHOICE is calling on Australian internet users to share their knowledge about how to circumvent geo-blocks, after the popular streaming service Netflix announced plans to switch off access to its international content libraries for Australian consumers.

Billboard calls for Assistant Treasurer to not play chicken and end the free-range rip-off
14 January 2016
CHOICE has unveiled a consumer-funded billboard in the Victorian electorate of Assistant Treasurer the Hon Kelly O'Dwyer calling for her to end the free-range egg rip-off and deliver a standard that meets consumers' expectations.

Marketing sharks enter the water
7 January 2016
Following the recent handful of shark attacks, CHOICE is warning consumers to be wary of marketing sharks spruiking personal shark repellents.