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CHOICE welcomes Competition Review terms of reference

CHOICE says the Competition Review stands to deliver tangible benefits to Australian consumers 

27 March 2014

CHOICE has welcomed the Federal Government's announcement today of the final terms of reference and the panel for its Competition Review. CHOICE says it is positive to see consumers at the centre of the inquiry's scope, given the objective of competition law is to benefit Australians.

"Our competition framework must focus on long-term benefits for Australians, rather than short-term interests of different competitors or types of businesses, and that's why it's pleasing to see consumers at the centre of the review," says CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland.

"The panel clearly has the scope to look at markets where consumers might be getting a raw deal, for example where a lack of competition might be pushing up prices or limiting consumer choice.

"We are particularly encouraged by The Review's focus on international competition. Our recent work in the area of price discrimination has shown Australians face significantly higher prices for many identical products, which is not only a major rip-off for consumers but a drag on the competitiveness of local businesses."1

"We look forward to participating in the Review process with a view to supporting the long-term interest of consumers," Mr Kirkland says.


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