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An update from our CEO Alan Kirkland

Each month, CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland shares his thoughts on the latest consumer issues and what we're doing about them.

To contact Alan:
Twitter: @AlanKirkland

CEO messages

Fair go
July 2016
It's time to put an end to unfair business practices in Australia.

Thermomix more than just a PR crisis
June 2016
Vorwerk has employed a spin agency to help them navigate the 'Thermoburns' issue, but where's the focus on consumer safety?

Why boycott?
May 2016
Sometimes a boycott is the only option left when consumers are ignored, which is why we've called for a boycott of 'bad eggs'.

Banks on notice
April 2016
Our financial system is finally getting the political attention it deserves.

Super industry needs to raise its game
April 2016
Super funds need to do much more to excite and engage their members.

More choice in aged care?
March 2016
If the aged care market is deregulated, reforms need to focus on improving outcomes for consumers.

The year of innovation
February 2016
Time for some big changes in banking, mobile data roaming and internet services.

Your travel rights
January 2016
Have you found yourself stumped or stonewalled after travel troubles? Never fear – CHOICE is on the case.

The great free-range debate
December 2015
We've heard arguments that free-range labelling changes are unviable. We disagree.

Uber disruptive
November 2015
One of the hottest political issues right now is how governments should respond to ride-sharing services like UberX.

Shonkys turn 10
October 2015
Shonky behaviour from companies is the unfortunate gift that keeps on giving.

Without fear or favour
September 2015
We'll continue to stand our ground when consumer interests are at stake – even in the face of legal threats.

Consumer pulse: The gap widens
August 2015
Income and wealth inequality should have the government concerned.

Free reign on 'free range' coming to an end?
July 2015
Governments and regulators are increasingly recognising that if claims of 'free range' are misleading, they're against the law.

Bad advice
June 2015
Financial advisers are not the only ones with 'conflicted remuneration'.

Competition catch-22
May 2015
Competition can deliver benefits for consumers but only if it's designed with the needs of consumers in mind – otherwise you end up with a confusing mess like we have in electricity.

Fair trade
April 2015
Why we care (a lot) about trade agreements.

CHOICE Help launches
March 2015
Resources and personal support for members with consumer issues.

A year of advocacy
February 2015
Representing the interests of consumer in 2015.