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Just tested: 18 action cameras

Get vital stats on two of the models we tested.

Panasonic HX-A100

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Panasonic HX-A1

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We tested 18 action cameras, including GoPro models. Compare these in our comprehensive report.

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Ask the Expert

Investigative journalist

Q: There are so many ways to pay for things online, including PayPal, Bpay and now Poli. But which ones will refund my money if I buy from a dodgy seller?

A: If you're not sure if the person or company you're dealing with is legit, or you're concerned they could go bankrupt, you're better off using a payment method that provides chargeback rights, such as a credit card or Eftpos Online (expected to be offered next year). MasterCard and Visa debit cards also provide chargeback rights, as long as you use the credit option. PayPal offers you no guarantees through its Buyer Protection policy in this situation, but chargeback rights apply if you paid with a relevant card.

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"Thank you for your email and advice. I have today received a refund cheque for the full amount that I was charged, so I am pleased to report this matter to have been resolved successfully!"

Sandy H, CHOICE member

"I've been reading with interest about consumer rights under the new Australian Consumer Law. Then an article in CHOICE gave me the confidence to test out the ACL's provisions on how long one can reasonably expect products to last..."

Sheryl W, CHOICE member