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    Facts, not opinions.

    From TVs to pet insurance, laundry powder to health cover, our experts extensively test products and services, giving you information you can trust.

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  • Is a Thermomix worth it?

    Whether you’re forking out for the original or a competitor, this is no impulse buy. We help you decide if this machine is for you.
  • Should I buy a Dyson?

    Our expert take on whether Dyson vacuums, fans and hair dryers are worth the cash, and when you might like to consider other brands.
  • The five worst kitchen appliances

    From a $4500 Smeg oven to a poor Thermomix substitute, we show you what not to buy for your kitchen.
  • Should I buy La Mer?

    Is La Mer really worth it? Our tests reveal how it compares to other brands.
  • Buying a mattress? Don't get ripped off

    A good mattress can go a long way to ensuring you get a good night's sleep.
  • What does thread count mean?

    Thread count alone won't help you pick the best quality bed sheets.