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The Kogan brand products to avoid

Beware these Kogan buys that rated low in our lab tests.

Last updated: 22 October 2020

Need to know

  • Our experts have tested Kogan dishwashers, coffee machines, air fryers, stick vacs, steam mops and more
  • Some rated well in our tests, but others performed poorly
  • Kogan scored a CHOICE Shonky Award last year for its poor customer service and for flouting Australian consumer law

Since starting in 2006, has become one of the country's biggest online retailers, selling thousands of products across hundreds of categories, including its own range of cheap house-brand items. 

It hasn't been all smooth sales, though. Along the way, the company has been busted for bad behaviour, including questionable customer service, flouting Australian consumer laws and misleading price discounts (see the ACCC's successful case from earlier this year). 

Last year, we gave them a Shonky Award and we continue to advise shoppers to be cautious when buying from Kogan. 

But if Kogan's bargains are just too tempting to resist, you should know that our experts have tested many of their house-brand products. To help you avoid the bad buys, here are some of the appliances and products that failed to impress in our tests.


Kogan EasyClean R10 Robot Vacuum

Price: $99
CHOICE Expert Rating: 30%

When it comes to cleaning, this budget bot just doesn't compute. Earning the lowest score in our lab tests by a long way, it rated poor for hard floors and corners, and very poor for carpets and pet hair. 

This robo vac is very cheap compared with others, but a broom is probably a better bet

If that doesn't short your circuits, the vac also constantly hits objects and even gets stuck moving from hard floors to carpet and back. A low battery life and small dirt receptacle further lower its chances of actually cleaning the floor. Yes, this robo vac is very cheap compared with others, but a broom is probably a better bet. Read full review.


Kogan ThermoBlend Elite All-in-One Food Processor & Cooker 

Price: $349
CHOICE Expert Rating: 68%

With some all-in-one brands such as Thermomix costing thousands of dollars, this Kogan cooker comes at a very attractive price. To its credit, our experts rated its cooking performance as very good, and it outscored some other models that cost more than a thousand dollars more. 

Sadly, performance dropped off dramatically in our 'ease of use' tests, where it scored just 58%. The lack of included recipes and basic guidelines make it difficult for all-in-one first timers to get started. And there were some notable build issues, such as the lid still locking despite being in an incorrect position, and a loose measuring cap and weight-scales cover. 

Baked-on food on the jug's bottom was also difficult to clean, and strong foods left the jug smelling, requiring bicarb soda to get rid of odours. Read full review.


Kogan T7 Cordless 22V Stick Vacuum

Price: $147
CHOICE Expert Rating: 66%

First the good news – our experts found this vac very easy to use. Its bin is simple to empty and the filter easy to clean, the cleaning head moves well over carpet and under furniture, and it has excellent controls. 

Our experts did find models that perform much better for less in the same test

The bad news? The T7 is pretty ordinary at picking up dirt in most instances, scoring just OK for cleaning hard floors, carpet, corners and pet hair in our lab tests. It did perform well for car cleaning, though. 

"C'mon, it's cheap, what did you expect?" you might say – except our experts did find models that perform much better for less in the same test. Read full review


Kogan 9-in-1 Steam Stick 

Price: $200
CHOICE Expert Rating: 64%

Steam mops were all the rage for a while, but don't count on this one – it scored equal second last in our floor-swabbing lab test. At $200, it's the most expensive of the three Kogan mops we tested – ironically, the other two, priced at $49 and $79, actually performed better (though only just).

This Steam Stick does come with adjustable wand length, plenty of accessories and very good controls. But it managed only an OK rating in our 'ease of use' tests and left a fair bit of water on the floor after cleaning. Read full review.


Kogan Food Dehydrator

Price: $110
CHOICE Expert Rating: 66%
Model name: KA06DHDTIMA

While this product's price may be tempting (it's the cheapest model we reviewed), it performed the worst in our test, taking a long time to deliver disappointing results. 

In individual food tests, it earned a perfect score for dehydrating kale, but was only OK for semi-dried tomatoes, apple and fruit leather. 

It's also hampered by basic controls and no rubber feet for stability (it moved when we pushed buttons), while the shelves can be fiddly to stack and hard to clean. Pass! Read full review.

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