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Compare RACV insurance

What to know about RACV insurance, including customer satisfaction ratings and available discounts.

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The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, RACV, provides roadside assistance, motoring services, insurance, banking, travel and solar products. It was established in 1903 and has over 2 million members.

Phone: 13 72 28


Who owns RACV?

RACV is a mutual company owned by its members and distributes insurance for IAG under the RACV brand. These insurance products are manufactured by Insurance Manufacturers of Australia (IMA), which is owned 70% by IAG and 30% by RACV.

Is RACV Australian-owned? Yes

Is RACV nonprofit? Yes

Is RACV listed on the stock exchange (ASX)? No

 Where does RACV operate?

  • Victoria

Which types of insurance does RACV offer?

How satisfied are RACV insurance customers?

RACV received above average results for both home and car insurance compared with other insurers in our customer satisfaction survey.

Customer satisfaction with home insurance

Of the RACV customers we surveyed, 79% rated their experience with home insurance as above average or excellent.

Customer satisfaction with car insurance

Of the RACV customers we surveyed, 77% rated their experience with car insurance as above average or excellent.

How does RACV rate on claims?

Home insurance claims

Compared with the other insurers in our survey, RACV received an average result, with 68% of customers who had a claim rating the company as above average or excellent.

24/7 helpline: Yes

Car insurance claims

Of the insurers in our survey, RACV had the second best result, with 90% of customers who made a claim rating the company as above average or excellent.

24/7 helpline: Yes

Does RACV offer insurance discounts?

Available RACV discounts include:

  • 10% multi-policy discount when you take out more than one eligible RACV policy, such as home and car insurance
  • loyalty discount for the time you've been a member (5% for 5–9 years, 10% for 10–24 years, and higher discounts thereafter). 

Does RACV let you claim online or in-app?

RACV allows you to make claims online for car, home, motorcycle, and caravan/trailer insurance. You can also see the status of your claim and pay your excess online.

RACV has the Arevol trip planner and fuel savings apps, but it doesn't have an app for insurance.

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