Best Brand Oven

We've calculated Australia's top steam, wall, freestanding or double oven brand for performance, reliability and customer satisfaction.

What brand of oven is best?

Which brand of oven should you buy? We've identified the best steam, wall, freestanding or double oven brand, based on our test results and feedback from our members on satisfaction and reliability.

CHOICE created Best Brand to help guide you when choosing a product – with the knowledge that not only has the brand performed well overall in our lab testing throughout the years, but it's also well regarded by CHOICE members for customer satisfaction and reliability.

We review wall ovens, freestanding ovens and steam ovens separately, but our Best Brand rating covers results for all oven types. We have test results for brands including Miele, Smeg, Fisher & Paykel, Bosch, Westinghouse and AEG.  

How is the Best Brand calculated?

The Best Brand oven is based on our test results for all oven types, as well as the most recent customer satisfaction and reliability information submitted by CHOICE members on their experiences with the brand.

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How we get the data

We calculate a brand's reliability score and owner rating based on our survey of 4757 CHOICE members who owned an oven in 2018.

Brand recommendation

Brand recommendation calculations - how we weight the scores

  • Average test score – 40%
  • Brand reliability – 30%
  • Customer satisfaction – 20%
  • Recommended ratio – 10%

About the scores

Average test score

Measures the average score for all models tested over the last five years in the CHOICE labs for each brand. Our testers assess performance (how well the oven performs over a range of temperatures, times and functions) as well as how easy it is to use the grill and shelves, read the labels and clean the inside and outside of the oven. For more details, see how we test ovens.

Brand reliability

Our CHOICE customer insights team asked several thousand members in the annual CHOICE survey about whether they've run into any problems with their oven in the last 12 months. 

Customer satisfaction

Our survey also asks how satisfied members are with their oven on a scale of "excellent" to "terrible". So even if an oven develops a fault after six months, it's still possible for it to have a high satisfaction score – perhaps the company has customer service that goes beyond expectations, or the product is simply too good, despite some performance quirks.

Recommended ratio

Calculates the percentage of ovens that CHOICE recommends for each brand. The greater number of models that earn a recommendation, the higher the recommended ratio score.

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