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Saucepan reviews

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Last updated: 04 April 2024


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Saucepans are an important tool in the kitchen, but not all pots and pans perform the same, so it's important they're made of good quality materials. 

We've tested a range of induction-compatible saucepans in our labs to find out which ones:

  • perform the best
  • cook evenly
  • are quick to heat up
  • are easy to use and clean.
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Our interactive comparison tool will tell you the real base dimensions of each saucepan so you can match the saucepan to the cooking zones on your cooktop, while our Recommended list will show you at a glance which models come out on top. 

If you're looking to add a frypan to your cookware collection, check out our frypan reviews to find the best models we've tested.

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    We conduct two performance tests on the saucepans. We time how quickly one litre of water can be brought to a boil, and we assess the evenness of cooking and sticking of food when cooking scrambled eggs.

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