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We're listening to you

Thanks for all the feedback you’ve given us about our new site - in particular the comparison tables, and what they need to do better. We're learning from that advice, and working hard to make sure our new solution meets those needs.

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Comparison tool - testing our new format

December 2015

The results of our wider audience user testing are in, and they’re overwhelmingly positive. Users found the new tool more intuitive to use, and really liked side-by-side comparison and criteria filtering. We know we still need to work on our tool's mobile view and make more design enhancements before we go live. We’re working on those items up until Christmas. 

If you’d like to see where we’re at right now, check out our beta versions of robot vacuums and bike lights.

What next? 

We'll test both the current table and new tool on select products across the site in early January. The test will be an A/B split, where our site users will be randomly shown one of the two versions. We'll track the way both versions perform, and make any changes necessary before we start moving over to the new format. 

We'll keep you updated on our progress - stay tuned for more news soon.

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Comparison tool - Beta test

November 2015

The beta version of our new comparison tool is now live. To take a look, go to our robot vacuum cleaner reviews. Remember to log in if you have online membership so you can see all the test results. 

You can also see bike light reviews in the new comparison tool format. RideOn has kindly allowed us to reproduce its bike light test results, so you don’t need to be a CHOICE member to see these results. 

What we’re doing now 

Our team is busy working on: 

  • design improvements so the tool looks great 
  • adding more filters to help you narrow your search 

More user testing 

We want to be sure we are creating a comparison tool that you love to use. 

So as well as getting new participants to come into our office and show us how they use the tool, we’ve launched an online evaluation for our members to take part in usability testing and give us feedback. 

What next? 

We’ll work on implementing changes based on the feedback we receive from this phase of user testing. After the feedback is addressed, additional filters added and design changes made, we’ll conduct a new round of usability testing before launching and replacing the current comparison tables.

Comparison tool - Testing our mobile view

August 2015
Mobile and tablet view user testing

We know it's important to give you the information you need at any time on any device. So we're working on a solution that's as intuitive on a mobile as it is on your widescreen desktop at home.

What we're doing

We're testing the mobile and tablet views of our product finder with members and non-members.

What we’re testing

  • Product results that re-size to display information in an easy-view format
  • Filters that move from the side of the product results to sit above the results
  • Two columns of test results that display neatly side by side
  • A horizontal bar that let you scroll to see more test results

What next?

The feedback we receive from this phase of user testing will be incorporated into the next phase of the comparison tool development.

Comparison tool - User testing

July 2015

Back to basics 

One of the first parts of this process was a complete rethink of the way we present our data. Based on your feedback, and external research, we created a working prototype of how the new tool will work. 

We also got some members and non-members to tell us what they think of the prototype. 

They went through a sequence of tasks, to make sure they could filter and sort the test results to get to what they needed. We then asked them to do a side-by-side product comparison - another feature you identified as crucial. 

Good news! 

Our testers found the prototype comparison tool made it much easier to sort and filter products. So we know we’re on the right track. 

The nitty gritty 

Why we did the testing:

  • to make sure the new prototype is easy to use 
  • to make sure we've fixed the issues you reported with the current comparison table  
  • to identify any other issues with the prototype before moving on to developing the tool 

The important details 

To conduct the testing we brought a group of CHOICE members and non-members into our offices. We asked each participant to do a sequence of tasks on their own using our current comparison table, and our new comparison tool prototype.

The tasks focused on how easy it was to: 

  • filter and sort information 
  • compare information 
  • understand what the test results mean 

What we found:

  • The testers completed the tasks on our new prototype to a high degree of satisfaction. 
  • They also identified the same issues on our current tables that you've already raised. 

What's next? 

1. We’re refining the prototype based on that user feedback. 

2. Project planning – we're plotting out the next few months of design, development and content management. 

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress!

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Comparison tool - side-by-side compare

June 2015

What it is

We're adding functionality that lets you make a shortlist of products to compare side-by-side on a separate page. 

Why we're doing it

You've told us you want the ability to focus on the detail, once you've narrowed down to a few choices. We agree it's important. This was always something we intended to deliver on the new site, but it proved tricky to deliver within the current table structure.  

How it works

On each of the product results we've added a 'compare' button. To make a product shortlist, you'll be able to select a manageable group of product profiles, which will pop up as a side-by-side list to compare in more detail.

Once you've picked a list, it's easy to move selections around, or remove a selection and add a different one. 

What next?

We'll test the side-by-side comparison feature with members and non-members. The feedback we receive from user testing will be incorporated into the development of the comparison tool.

Comparison tool - Filters and sorts

May 2015

Our new comparison tool makes it easy to sort and filter products to find the best for your needs. 

How it works

Like our current tables, the new tool features common product sorts like brand, price and overall score. 

We know that’s only part of the selection journey.

We’re also bringing back filters to help you get the detail you need, and remove the products you don't. So if you want a top load washer that's gentle on clothes for less than $1000, it's easy to cut out machines that don't meet the brief.

Why we’re doing this

Our test report data's extensive and we know it's not all relevant to you. You've told us you want a list of the products you need, and to hide the ones you don't. 

Our current comparison table lets you select and sort individual test criteria. But at the moment you can't remove any criteria you don’t want, which makes it hard to filter the information. 

What next?

We’ll test the filters and sorting feature with members and non-members. We'll incorporate that feedback into the development of the new comparison tool.

Comparison tool - 'easy view' results

April 2015

You’ve told us you want better ways to sort and filter our test results. So we’re replacing comparison tables with an ‘easy view’ list of product results. 

How it works

Every product or service we test will have its own ‘card’ that appears in a sortable, easy-to-filter list. The results will always be simple to view and sort, whether you’re on a desktop, tablet or mobile. 

Each list will have a set of global sorts, like price and score, common to all products. Plus product-specific filters grouped together to let you drill down to the features that matter most to you.

Key sorts and filters:

  • Brand, model and $RRP
  • CHOICE-rated good and bad points
  • Our CHOICE score
  • Member rating score
  • Product-specific filters to fine tune your results
  • A ‘compare’ button that lets you make a shortlist of products to compare side-by-side

Why we’re doing this

You’ve told us our current comparison tables are overwhelming, and hard to scan. It’s also difficult to look at big tables on different devices like mobiles and tablets. That’s why we came up with a better way to view and sort results. 

What next?

We’ll test this feature with members and non-members. We'll incorporate all that feedback into the development of the new comparison tool.