Toppling television danger

Hospitals are reporting a significant number of injuries resulting from televisions falling onto children.

Top 5 tips for TV safety

Today's televisions are a far cry from the bulky, heavy, burdensome behemoths from the CRT dark ages. But despite the fact that they've gotten thinner and lighter, the danger of one falling on a child has not completely abated, particularly as TV screens can be made of glass and they just keep getting bigger. And the heavier a TV is, the more potential it has to cause injury if it falls on a child (or a pet).

Given the concerns about potential safety issues when it comes to TVs, CHOICE has advice on how to safeguard yours and keep your children safe.

  1. Always use the anchor points on the back of the TV to affix it to a suitable surface. Even if you use a TV stand, you should still have it anchored.
  2. Always put TVs on stable surfaces. If you're using a wall-mount, make sure it is suitable for the weight of your TV.
  3. If you're using a TV stand, ensure it has a wide, deep and sturdy base and is suitable for your TV's size.
  4. Never put the TV on furniture like a chest of drawers, speaker, bookcase or trolley as these are less stable and may be climbable.
  5. Follow manufacturer instructions on how you might secure the television.

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