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Our 2019 Appliance Reliability Survey

Members rate the most reliable brands

This year 7,287 CHOICE members gave up their time to complete our bumper annual questionnaire, revealing whether they'd run into any problems with popular products.

The CHOICE Appliance Reliability Survey is the largest of its kind in Australia, and represents ratings from over 7,000 authenticated users compiled in one place.

On top of member-rated reliability, we add owner satisfaction rating to our survey. We've incorporated this data into our compare tables, so you can use it in combination with our unbiased, expert test results. You can read detailed reporting on the following product reliability results:

Reliably satisfied?

Our consumer insights team pored over the data you gave us to analyse which brands are least likely to let you down. But reliability is only part of the brand loyalty equation: for the first time, we also asked owners how satisfied they are with the brand of product they've purchased, and we've found interesting differences.

After all, a TV can be reliable, but if picture quality or ease of use is disappointing, this can tarnish the viewing experience.

Service rating

When things go wrong, can you trust your manufacturer to help you solve your problem? We've given a service rating to manufacturers of large appliances, after asking owners to rate their experiences with service and support, if they've had to use it.

Our research

We calculate a brand's reliability and customer score based on a survey of over 7,00 CHOICE members conducted in April and May 2019. We calculate reliability based on the people reporting having a problem in the past 12 months.

We take into account the age of products the brands have so we can compare fairly between brands. This year we gathered extra information to improve what we could tell us about the reliability and satisfaction.

We found out if brands have ever had a problem and the severity of the problem. This way we can tell you if the problems are major or minor ones and what the problem was.

About the scores


Reliability figures are based on owner assessment, not test data. We use the data we collect from members to rate the most popular brands for reliability. We take into account the age of the products so we can compare fairly between brands.


We all know sometimes things go wrong and how the manufacturer responds and helps you with these issues can make all the difference to your experience and trust in the brand. For large appliances that you might be more likely to get repaired, we asked members about their experience with the manufacturers' service and support.

We have given each manufacturer a service rating so you know how well they support customers when they need it. We need enough feedback to report fairly so in some cases we can't report this for all brands, but we'll tell you where we can.

Owner satisfaction score

The owner satisfaction score is a new measure we haven't reported before. It's a based on how satisfied owners are with a product and service using a seven point scale from excellent to terrible. We apply a weighting to each category to calculate a score out of 100.

Statistical significant testing is based on a mean, calculated from this score. To report fairly on brands we only report where at least 50 owners give us feedback about their experience, so we apologise if a brand you're considering is not reported for this reason.

Note on base sizes: The base size reported for the category is the number of valid responses. In this survey that meant the number of people who knew the brand they owned, and who had owned it for the agreed time period (5 years for small appliances and technology; 8 years for larger appliances).

Finally, a big thank-you

Thanks to everyone who completed our survey. We aren't able to present this rich, robust consumer research without you.

Want to help us out by answering more surveys about your experiences with products and services? Voice Your Choice is our online research community. It's free to join and you can participate in as few or as many surveys as you like - you'll typically get a quick survey once or twice a month. To sign up, see