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From our CEO

The latest consumer issues and what we're doing about them.

Alan Kirkland headshot 2018

Alan Kirkland was CEO of CHOICE from 2012 to 2023. Each month he shared his thoughts on the latest consumer issues and what we're doing about them. 

2023 CEO editorials

Nov 2023: Parting words

The Shonkys as a force for change.

Oct 2023: Power imbalance

There are risks when companies get too big.

Sep 2023: Stormy weather

It's time to fix insurance affordability.

Aug 2023: A vote for the Voice

Continuing our commitment to fairness.

July 2023: No reward for loyalty

Is it time to break up with your insurer?

June 2023: Watch your step

Avoid falling into a credit trap this sale season.

May 2023: Waste not, want not

Products must be designed to last longer.

April 2023: Handle with care

Our personal data deserves better protection.

March 2023: The future of energy

Policy must protect people and the planet.

February 2023: Airlines, lift your game

Small changes could make a big difference.

2022 CEO editorials

December 2022: Extended warranties

Paying for rights you already have.

November 2022: The Shonky effect

Here's why we have the Shonky Awards.

October 2022: Realising Ruby's vision

Reconciliation Action Plan brings it closer.

September 2022: Let's build products that last

It's time we put an end to planned obsolescence.

August 2022: For your consideration

Shoppers are looking beyond just price.

July 2022: Eyes wide open

Stay alert to sleep industry claims.

June 2022: Big players, small market

How lack of competition costs consumers.

May 2022: Too much power?

Regulate tech platforms before it's too late.

April 2022: Your right to safety

Fixing the holes in our consumer protections.

March 2022: Advice you can trust

It should be easier to find.

February 2022: Looking beyond the marketing spin

Despite our wins for consumers, it still pays to be a savvy consumer.