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    Ethical shopping guide

    From food and fashion to energy retailers and super funds, our tips for shopping ethically will help you buy with confidence.

Food for thought

We look at the issues around food production, ethics and sustainability so you can make an informed choice.

Is it ethical?

Whether tissues or diamonds, it costs more to buy ethical products – so make sure you get what you paid for.

Latest stories

Ethical fashion

Find out what conditions your clothes were made under and which companies are doing more to protect their workers. 

Money choices

Making the right financial decisions for you doesn't have to mean supporting unethical business practices.

Let's make banking fair

  • Committing to fairness

    COVID-19 has exposed how quickly our financial situations can change.

    Australia's major banks have made a good start by committing to some debt repayment relief, but these measures don't match the scale and urgency of a crisis like this.

    Sign the petition if you want our banks to rise to the occasion and help people survive the pandemic.

    I'll sign the petition

Ethical lifestyle

Easy ways to live more ethically, from the products you buy to the charities you support.

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