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    Ethical shopping guide

    From food and fashion to energy retailers and super funds, our tips for shopping ethically will help you buy with confidence.

Food for thought

We look at the issues around food production, ethics and sustainability so you can make an informed choice.

Is it ethical?

Whether tissues or diamonds, it costs more to buy ethical products – so make sure you get what you paid for.

Free-range eggs

  • Join the bad egg boycott

    Australians told us that 10,000 hens per hectare is not what they picture when they pay extra for free-range eggs. Yet there are plenty of "free-range" eggs on supermarket shelves that come from chickens kept in cramped conditions.

    If you shell out for free-range eggs, you deserve the real deal.

    Send a message to the egg industry and government regulators: we won't stand for sub-standard free-range.

    I won't buy bad eggs

Ethical fashion

Find out what conditions your clothes were made under and which companies are doing more to protect their workers. 

Money choices

Making the right financial decisions for you doesn't have to mean supporting unethical business practices.

Let's make banking fair

  • Tell politicians to fix the banks for good

    Poor financial advice, negligent lending, dishonest insurance practices… A royal commission has shown us the usual suspects are at it again – and they're not playing by the rules. It's time the banks put our interests first, not their own.

    Sign the petition to add your voice to the thousands of people fighting to keep the banks accountable.

    Join our campaign

Ethical lifestyle

Easy ways to live more ethically, from the products you buy to the charities you support.

CHOICE membership

  • Instant online access to 5000+ expert test results for products and services
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