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  • chocolate easter bunnies with eggs


    The best-tasting hot cross buns and Easter eggs. Plus, cooking up a feast and other essentials for the long weekend.

Easter treats

Cooking up a feast

Getting away

  • How to buy the best tent

    Need a tent for your next camping adventure? Here's how to find one that won't give you pitch panic or a soggy sleeping bag.
  • Tent reviews

    We test and review tents across a range of size to find which ones are most usable and easiest to put up.
  • How to buy the best cooler

    Esky, ice box, cooler or chilly bin – whatever you call it, here's how to pick a good one.
  • Cooler reviews

    We review coolers from Esky, Coleman, EvaKool, Techniice and more to find which ones are best at keeping food and drinks chilled.
  • How to buy the best mosquito repellent

    It can make a huge difference to your health and your summer, so pick the right one?
  • BBQ reviews

    We test barbecues in the CHOICE labs, including models from Weber, Ziegler & Brown, Masport, Everdure by Heston Blumenthal and more.

Staying in

  • Streaming guide

    What you need to know about plans, data, internet speeds and how to access Netflix, Stan, Disney+ and more.
  • Games consoles

    Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox – which is right for you?
  • How to set up your home network

    A step-by-step guide to creating a home network using a wireless router to connect your home entertainment, office equipment and smart appliances.
  • Soundbars

    A soundbar is a compact and cheaper alternative to a home theatre set-up for your TV.
  • Ereaders

    We help you decide between Kindle, Kobo and any number of e-reader e-things to make the right choice.
  • TVs

    LCD or OLED? HD or 4K? Our expert guide will help you find the right TV for your budget.

Ordering in

  • Gourmet food delivery services

    We review popular meal delivery services for ease of ordering, freshness, recipe accuracy and more.
  • Wine subscriptions

    They may take the hassle out of choosing wine, but do wine clubs offer value for money? We pore over the pros and cons.
  • Food delivery service app reviews

    We compare food delivery service apps including Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Menulog.
  • Lite n' Easy

    It claims to make losing weight easy and convenient. But some are put off by lack of variety and cost. Is it right for you?

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