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Top 10 household products from CHOICE tests in 2022

Our pick from all the food we tasted and the hundreds of household products we tested this year.

household products best 2022
Last updated: 30 November 2022


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The CHOICE food and household product experts really have been busy this year. 

Whether it's taste-testing dozens of samples of peanut butter in the kitchen labs, or scrubbing a soiled ceramic tile hundreds of times to test cleaners, they've been putting in the hard work to help you decide which products are worth spending your cash on in the supermarket. 

Here's their pick of the best tasting, best performing or best value products that really shone above the rest. 

kerrygold pure irish salted butter

This Irish contender creamed the competition in our review of 44 supermarket butters.

1. The cream of the crop

Kerrygold Pure Irish Salted Butter

We taste tested and reviewed 44 supermarket butters, from brands including Allowrie, Devondale, Lurpak, Mainland, Pepe Saya and Western Star. This golden performer, Kerrygold Pure Irish Salted Butter, creamed the competition with a score of 79% and a touch of Irish charm. 

Equal-second place went to another European butter and an Australian butter, Meander Valley Salted Butter Cultured

morning fresh ultra concentrate ultimate original dishwashing liquid

Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Dishwashing Liquid was streets ahead of the rest.

2. The ultimate dishie

Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Dishwashing Liquid

If you want your dishes sparkling clean, look no further than this fresh performer, Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Dishwashing Liquid, which scored much higher than the rest of the contenders in our best dishwashing liquids review with a CHOICE Expert Rating of 90% (the product in the second spot scored 65%).

coles peanut butter smooth

Our best rated smooth peanut butter is a great-value supermarket buy.

3. The smooth operator

Coles Smooth Peanut Butter

A real smooth mover, Coles Smooth Peanut Butter, was rated our best smooth peanut butter in our review of the best peanut butters with a score of 83%. As an added bonus, it was also one of the cheapest, costing just 70 cents per 100g.

vanish napisan oxi advance crystal white gold whitening power

This powerful powder came out on top in our powder stain remover test.

4. The vanishing act

Vanish NapiSan Oxi Advance Crystal White Gold Whitening Power

The golden ticket for stain removing goes to... Vanish NapiSan Oxi Advance Crystal White Gold Whitening Power! It left no stain unturned in its search for top place in our review of the best powder stain removers with a score of 74%. 

woolworths little ones ultra dry size 1 newborn

Woolworths Little Ones newborn nappies tick the boxes for value and performance.

5. The fresh new talent

Little Ones Ultra Dry Size 1 newborn

The tiny but mighty newborn nappies, Little Ones Ultra Dry Size 1 Newborn, scored equal-first in the newborn category of our disposable nappies test and, great news for parents on a budget, costs almost half the price as the other first-place holder, Huggies.

finish powerball quantum ultimate pro tabs baking soda

The most powerful performer in our dishwasher detergent review was these Finish tabs.

6. The squeaky clean one

Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Pro Tabs Dishwasher Detergent

This powerhouse, Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Pro Tabs, squeezed out the competition with a score of 76% in our quest to find the best dishwasher detergent

Our lab test looks at tablet, powder and gel dishwasher detergents to determine which products give the best cleaning performance, offer the best value for money, and claim to be environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

aldi colway creamy squeezy mayonnaise

A mayo that tastes great costs less? Sign us up!

7. The unlikely hero

Aldi Colway Creamy Squeezy Mayonnaise

It may be from the 'budget supermarket' but Aldi Colway Creamy Squeezy Mayonnaise well and truly outclassed many more expensive (and better known) brands in our mayonnaise review

We blind taste tested and compared 33 supermarket mayonnaise products from brands including Best Foods, Heinz, Kewpie and Praise, to find out which store-bought mayos cut the mustard for taste. 

icare double length tissue 3 ply

This toilet paper scored almost at the top of the table, but is almost half the price of the top-scoring Quilton product at 30c per 100 sheets.

8. The one that's on a roll

iCare double length toilet paper

We lab test and compare toilet paper from Coles, Woolworths, Who Gives A Crap, Kleenex, Quilton and more to help you find the best for you. And this toilet paper from iCare wiped out its competitors in the value stakes for scoring high but costing less. 

The top scorer with 78% was Quilton Royal Soft Weave Toilet Tissue, costing 56c per 100 sheets. But for better value, the iCare double length paper came in just three percentage points less, but is almost half the price at 30c per 100 sheets. 

daley st coffee capsules

If you have a coffee pod machine, our expert taste testers rated this product from Coles as the best.

9. The top of the pods

Daley St Medium Dark Roast pods

In our review of coffee capsules, it was Daley St Medium Dark Roast pods that came out on top with a CHOICE Expert Rating of 75%. 

There were a full five percentage points between first place and the tightly contested second place – where four pods tied with a score of 70%.

dettol healthy clean kitchen

For a kitchen spray that makes the chores a little easier, this Dettol product rated above the rest.

10. The kitchen star

Dettol Healthy Clean Kitchen

When you need to clean the kitchen, you want a product that will make the chore as easy as possible. So to help you out, our experts lab test and review the latest products to help you find the best performers. 

Dettol Healthy Clean Kitchen benched well above its weight division to do the heavy lifting in your kitchen with a top score or 90% in our test (just creeping ahead of Ajax Professional Kitchen and Jif Power and Shine). 

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