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Cub Cadet XT2 Enduro LX42 review

Tractor ride on mower. Priced at $5599.

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CHOICE Expert rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

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CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

This overall score is based on product performance (50%) and ease of use (50%).

Mowing View more details.

We rate the mower's cutting performance: the consistency of cut grass, evenness of cut, and whether the cut grass is spread evenly.

Mulching View more details.

For models with a mulching option, we assess whether the ride-on mower produces fine mulch without undue clumping.

Ease of use View more details.

Assessed through seat comfort and control use. Control use includes the ease of starting, controlling speed, engaging clutch or drive, brake use, blade drive, changing cutting height, checking fuel level, and steering comfort.

Ease of use comprises 40% of the overall score.

Noise (dBA) View more details.

Measured at the tester's ear level at full throttle, blade engaged. This is not part of the scoring.

Recommended View more details.

We recommend ride-on mowers that score at least 80% overall.

Status View more details.

This column shows which products have been discontinued and which are still available in shops. In some instances, at the request of members and when products are still available on the second-hand market and via sites like eBay, we include discontinued models in the tables.

Tested model
Price View more details.

Recommended or average retail, as of November 2013.

Transmission (Hydrostatic / Manual) View more details.

For straightforward mowing, a manual transmission is a good budget choice. Where there's a lot of stopping and starting, working around trees, or backing up, an automatic/hydrostatic transmission will allow you to speed up, slow down and reverse without changing gears. You can even get cruise control on some models, to make long mowing sessions more comfortable.

Forward speeds (Claimed number or speed range) View more details.

Claimed forward speed range of product from manufacturer.

Reverse speeds Claimed number or speed range View more details.

Claimed reversed speed range of product from manufacturer.

Front axle type
Service intervals shown on machine
Towing point/hitch
Diameter of unmowed circle (mm)
Cutting width (claimed/measured mm) Measured as width of blade/s, (+/-3mm) View more details.

Measured as width of blades, (+/-3mm).

Deck type and material View more details.

Most domestic use mowers have a pressed or stamped steel mowing deck, whereas commercial mowers have a deck that's welded together out of heavier plate steel. You'll pay more for a mower with a fabricated deck, but the thicker steel should ensure it lasts longer.

12-Gauge stamped
Engine brand
Engine power claimed (HP) View more details.

HP: Horse power.

Capacity claimed (cc)
Speed control
Lever, separate manual choke
Fuel tank location
Under Bonnet
Fuel sight gauge
Yes, from seat
Oil change point conveniently located? View more details.

Includes location of oil change point.

Fuel capacity (L)
L x W (m) View more details.

Physical dimensions of the mower.

Use the size of the mowing area to determine the size of your mower. As a rule of thumb:

For up to 4000m² (1 acre) of grass: a cutting width of 1100mm (42”) and a 16-20HP (horse power) engine
For 4000m² to 1 hectare: up to 1200mm (48”) cutting width and a 20 - 24HP engine
For area over 1 hectare: the largest cutting width possible and at least a 24HP engine.

Weight (Claimed only)
2 Years
Mulching kit View more details.

Is a mulching kit available, included or unavailable?

Note: The Toro Lawn Tractor XLS380 does have a mulching kit available as an optional extra, but the dealer was unable to supply one in time for testing.

Rear bag for catching
Cruise control
Hourmeter View more details.

This meter indicates how long the engine has run since the last oil change or other maintenance.

Storage pockets/tool storage/etc
Wash port View more details.

Ride-on mowers typically have a pressed-steel mowing deck (the housing that covers the blades). Steel is vulnerable to rusting if you leave wet grass clumps under the deck. A washing port connects a garden hose to wash the underside of the deck (with the blades running), to help keep the deck free of damp grass.

Mower drive engagement (Manual/electric)
Blade power take off engagment switch (electric/lever)
Reverse shut-off over-ride View more details.

Do the blades stop spinning when the machine is in reverse?

Cutting height number of positions View more details.

A greater number of positions offers more cutting versatility.

Electric start View more details.

Electric power takeoff switch: This switch lets you engage the blades without pulling a lever. This feature extends belt life.

Yes (key)

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