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Spring clean checklist

Your room-by-room checklist for preparing your home for the warmer months.

mother and daughter cleaning home
Last updated: 02 September 2020


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It might be a tiring chore, but the satisfaction of a 'spring clean' will last the season. 

Think about how you'll tackle the job and who in the household needs to be involved, and go about it one room at a time. 

And use our handy room-by-room checklists to work your way through the task.

Getting ready to spring clean

Before you get started, have a think about what tools you'll need for each room and get them all ready to go. Some cleaning tools you might need include:

Motivation is important, too, so make the job more enjoyable with some good tunes – turn on the radio or put on your headphones and get in the zone.

What else should you spring clean?

If you're keen to keep cleaning, here are some other tasks you can tackle now that you're in the groove.

  • Remove cobwebs and built-up dust from ceilings, windowsills and cornices.
  • Follow our guide on how to remove mould where it's started to grow.
  • Dust and clean light fixtures and lamps and replace light bulbs as necessary.
  • Use a surface cleaner to give your windows a clean.
  • Clean your ceiling fan blades.
  • Vacuum and mop floors in each room.
  • Check and test your smoke alarms..
  • If you have a fire extinguisher, now may be the time to get it inspected.
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