Top 10 weight loss tips

Lose weight the smart way. No pills or fad diets — sensible diet and exercise is the key.

What’s the best way to lose weight?

Pants feeling too tight? Feeling more flabby than fabulous? It can be tempting to crash-diet or go exercise-mad to burn off the fat, but weight lost quickly often returns all too soon when your willpower wanes.

Whether your focus is on fitting back into your swimmers for summer, keeping off the winter weight or just shedding a few kilos regardless of the season, you might be tempted to try short-cut diets and weight-loss pills. Give them a miss and go for sustainable longer-term weight loss with our smart diet top 10 tips.
  1. Aim to lose weight slowly — lose more than a kilo a week and you're probably losing water and muscle, not fat.
  2. Opt for a healthier lifestyle — eating lots of fruit and vegetables and taking regular exercise — rather than punishing yourself with a strict diet.
  3. Don't aim for unachievable body-shape goals. Pear-shaped people who lose weight usually become smaller pears. A supermodel's body lurks inside very few people, no matter how much weight they lose.
  4. Fill up on fruit, vegies, cereals and good, wholegrain bread — just don't add fatty toppings or spreads.
  5. Try to listen to your body — are you really hungry, or just bored, or even sad? Maybe you can do something enjoyable other than eat — or just get active round the house or garden to take your mind off it.
  6. Don't talk yourself into a 'healthy food tastes boring' frame of mind - experiment with healthy choices to find out what you like. Lemon, chilli, spices and herbs add heaps of flavor without adding calories.
  7. Exercise is important — for maintaining muscle mass, as well as burning energy. Try to build more activity into your daily routine, and find time for yourself each day to dedicate to your favourite exercise activity.
  8. Become acquainted with food labels — hidden fats and sugars may be lurking in your favourite foods.
  9. Don't be taken in by fast-talking sales pitches, secret ingredients or wonder foods — if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  10. Drink plenty of water — sometimes when you feel hungry, you're in fact dehydrated. Keeping hydrated throughout the day is essential for a healthy digestive system.