Salt prices compared

How expensive is Himalayan salt vs regular?

 Type of salt Average cost per 10g
 Himalayan salt 
 Other gourmet rock and sea salt 
 Regular salt

Full salt-comparison data

Himalayan salt

 Salt Price  Cost per 10g 
 Saxa Natural Pink Himalayan Rock Salt 500g  $3.99
 Saxa Natural Pink Himalayan Table Salt 500g  $4.49
 Hoyt's Pink Himalayan Rock Salt (Grinder Quality) 450g  $5.80
 Equagold Pure High Altitude Himalayan Coarse Pink Salt 500g  $6.49
 McKenzie's Fine Himalayan Pink Salt 450g  $5.95
 Chef's Choice Himalayan Pink Fine Salt 300g $4.99
 Chef's Choice Himalayan Pink Rock Salt 300g $4.99
 Woolworths Himalayan Pink Fine Table Salt 125g $2.69
 Saxa Natural Pink Himalayan Table Salt 125g $2.99
 Saxa Pink Himalayan Salt Flakes 95g

Other gourmet rock and sea salt

Salt  Price   Cost per 10g
 NatureFirst Premium Sea Salt (Coarse) 500g
 Lake Crystal Australian Lake Salt (Coarse) 250g
 $2.79  0.11
 Olsson's Hand-Harvested Macrobiotic Sea Salt 250g 
 Tasman Sea Salt Flakes 250g
 $6.99  0.28
 Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes 250g 
 $8.99   0.36
 Maldon Sea Salt Flakes 125g
 Maldon Sea Salt Flakes 240g
 Saxa Natural Sea Salt Flakes 200g
 $8.00  0.40
Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes 150g
 $6.49   0.43


 Salt Price  Cost per 10g 
 Woolworths Essentials Iodised Table Salt 500g 
 Black & Gold Table Salt 500g 
 $1.15  0.02
 Saxa Iodised Rock Salt 500g
 Saxa Natural Rock Salt 500g 
 $2.10  0.04
 Saxa Salt Iodised Table Salt 125g  $2.10  0.16
 Saxa Salt Table Salt 125g
 $2.00  0.16

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