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Fisher & Paykel OR90SCG6X1 review

Dual fuel freestanding oven. Priced at $8099.

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CHOICE Expert Rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

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Type View more details.

Dual fuel models have an electric oven and gas cooktop. Electric models have an electric oven and electric (ceramic, induction or solid hotplate) cooktop.

Dual fuel
Cooktop View more details.

The cooktop can be gas, ceramic, induction or solid hotplate.

Width (cm) View more details.

Oven width measured in centimeters (cm).

Recommended View more details.

We recommend freestanding ovens that score at least 80% overall.

CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

This overall score is made up of oven performance (25%), cooktop performance (25%), oven ease of use (25%), and cooktop ease of use (25%).

Oven performance View more details.

We assess oven performance through multi-shelf cooking (scones), low temperature cooking (meringues), roasting (a whole chicken), base cooking (pizza) and grilling (toast).

Cooktop performance View more details.

We assess how well the cooktops can cook a white sauce (and melt chocolate for electric cooktops) on a low heat setting, their control responsiveness and turn-down ability by cooking rice using the absorption method, and their high heat setting by cooking a vegetable and beef stir-fry.

Oven ease of use View more details.

We compare the ease of use of the controls, their location, clarity of the labels, using and cleaning the grill as well as the interior and exterior surfaces of the oven.

Cooktop ease of use View more details.

For gas cooktops we assess the stability of the trivets, layout of burners, whether the pots fit comfortably and the stability of pan support, and the controls and labels. We assess ease of cleaning trivets and burners, and whether there are appropriate spill-catchment areas on the hob. For electric cooktops we assess the position, labelling and size of the controls as well as how easy they are to access. We consider the layout of the hotplates and whether various sized pots will fit comfortably. We also assess how easy the cooktops are to clean.

Grilling score View more details.

Toast is made under the grill to assess the grill area for how quickly it toasts bread and how evenly the heat is distributed.

Multiple shelf baking score View more details.

Scones are baked over two shelves to test how evenly the ovens perform at a high temperature over a short time.

Low temperature baking score View more details.

Meringues are baked to assess cooking ability at a low temperature for a long period.

Roasting score View more details.

We roast a whole chicken to assess baking performance on a non-uniform food at a moderate to high temperature over a long period, while retaining moisture and crisping the skin.

High temperature base cooking score View more details.

A freshly prepared pizza is cooked at a very high temperature for a short period to assess the ability to crisp and brown the base and evenly cook the toppings.

Turn-down score View more details.

We boil rice to assess the turn-down capacity of the cooktop, starting on a high heat and reducing to a simmer.

Low temperature cooking score View more details.

We make a white sauce to test the cooktop's ability to work on the low heat setting.

High temperature/wok cooking score View more details.

We make a vegetable and beef stir-fry to test the high heat setting for a short time.

Melting chocolate score View more details.

For electric and gas cooktops we also melt chocolate to assess how well the cooktop works on the low heat setting. 

Shop Ethical Rating View more details.

Shop Ethical rates the environmental and social impact of the company (not the product) using independent sources. This rating is not included in our total score. N/A means there is no rating for that company.

Warranty (years) View more details.

The stated manufacturer warranty. Freestanding ovens should last at least 10 years, so we rate 1-year warranty as poor, and a 5-year warranty as reasonable.

Country of origin
Availability View more details.

'Tested model' refers to ovens that are currently available in shops and online, while 'Discontinued model' refers to ovens that are no longer available in shops, but may be available second-hand.

Tested model
Price View more details.

This is the manufacturer's recommended retail price at the time of testing.

Oven running costs over 10 years View more details.

Based on using the oven at 170°C for one hour, three times per week for 10 years at 30c/kWh. Where available, the fan-forced function is used to calculate; if not, the fan-assist is used.

Cooking zone size (diameter, cm) View more details.

Measured if not claimed. Oval and rectagular zones are listed as a x b.

Not available
Recommended pan size (cm) View more details.

Where available, this is the recommended pan size for each cooking zone/element.

Not tested
Number of cooking zones
Cooking zone configuration
Medium (left and right rear), dual wok (centre), triple ring wok (front left and front right)
Cooktop material
Stainless steel
Claimed external dimensions (H x W x D, mm)
946 x 897 x 600
Measured internal oven dimensions (H x W x D, mm) View more details.

Measurements of the deepest tray or shelf in the lowest position to the grill element, side wall to side wall, and the rear wall to the door.

Measured internal oven volume (L) View more details.

Measured internal volume is calculated from measurements of the deepest tray or shelf in the lowest position to the grill element, side wall to side wall, and the rear wall to the door.

Boil time (min:sec) View more details.

Using the boost setting where available.

Trivet type
Cast iron
Claimed element wattage (kW) View more details.

Measured in kilowatts.

Claimed burner rating (MJ/hr) View more details.

Measured in megajoules per hour.

Medium (2): 2.5-6.5, dual wok: 2.4-16.2, triple ring wok (2): 6.5-14.4
Flexi zone View more details.

Flexi zones allow you to place your pot or pan anywhere within the zone.

Extendable cooking zone View more details.

Extendable cooking zones can either be a rectangular or oval shape attached to a single cooking zone. This is different to a flexi zone.

Drop-down grill element for cleaning View more details.

If the grill element drops down, it allows for easy cleaning of the oven ceiling.

Glass can be removed View more details.

The glass can be removed for cleaning.

Rapid heating
Number of oven baking trays
Dual cooking zone
Bottom element
Door can be removed View more details.

The door is removable for cleaning.

Meat probe
Control type for the cooktop
Control type for the oven
Top and bottom element
Viewing through door View more details.

We rate how well you can view food cooking through the oven door.

Excellent, but small viewing window
Fingerprint resistant View more details.

Whether the exterior surface, stainless steel, enamel and/or glass is fingerprint resistant.

Preheat indicator View more details.

Does the oven give a visual or audible indication once it's preheated?

Not tested
Power boost
Number of oven shelves
Easy to view food on top shelf View more details.

We check if it's easy to view food cooking on the top shelf when the oven door is closed.

Grill safety guard View more details.

Whether the oven has a safety guard for the grill element. Some ovens with an exposed grill have the element high up into the cavity so it's less of an issue.

No (but grill element is recessed into ceiling)
Steam clean
Internal light
Two lights in corner of roof close to front, plus two lights on either side wall
Cooktop residual heat indicator View more details.

This is a useful safety mechanism that stays on until the cooktop has returned to a safe temperature.

Childproof lock View more details.

Is there a childproof lock on the cooktop only, oven only or both?

Yes (only on oven)
Self cleaning surfaces (catalytic liners) View more details.

Often referred to as 'self-cleaning' surfaces, catalytic liners work by absorbing fat splatters. You need to regularly heat the oven to 250°C for an hour to burn off the splatters and wipe them with a damp cloth when cool.

Self-cleaning function (pyrolytic) View more details.

True self-cleaning ovens are pyrolytic. Set on the cleaning mode, the oven locks itself and heats up to around 500°C, converting food residues into ash, which you wipe away when it cools.

Smokeless grill tray
Telescopic runners View more details.

Telescopic runners allow you to smoothly pull the oven racks and trays all the way out of the oven while keeping the shelf stable. They make loading, unloading and checking food while cooking much easier.

Storage drawer View more details.

This is a drawer underneath the oven, ideal for storing baking trays and accessories.

Automatic programming
Flame failure protection View more details.

A flame failure device shuts off the gas automatically if the flame goes out, or reignites the flame automatically; otherwise gas can escape silently and invisibly, which can be very dangerous.

Yes (gas cuts out or reignites)
Fan forced View more details.

This setting works well for multi-shelf cooking, reheating, pastries and roasts. It uses the fan with heat coming from the element surrounding it and generally heats up more quickly, evenly and efficiently.

Fan assist View more details.

This setting is ideal for foods that require a short cooking time and only use a maximum of two shelves. Heat comes from the top and bottom element with a fan that gently circulates the hot air.

Fan grill View more details.

This setting uses the grill element and the fan. It's ideal for large cuts of meat like roasts, or meats that require longer cooking times like chicken legs and sausages. It's also great for baked vegetables and for browning and crisping the top of pasta/potato bakes.

Grill only View more details.

This uses heat from the grill element and is ideal for smaller, tender cuts of meat. Check the instructions to see whether you can grill with the door opened or closed.

Half grill
Pizza mode View more details.

Models that have bottom plus fan mode, bottom plus fan-forced mode, or a specific pizza mode.

Turbo View more details.

The turbo function uses the fan as well as the top and bottom elements and rear element (where available) to distribute heat rapidly. 

Top element
Steam function View more details.

Injects bursts of steam during cooking.

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