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KitchenAid 5KFP1644 Food Processor review

Priced at $999.

CHOICE Expert Rating

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What is the CHOICE Expert Rating

CHOICE Expert rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

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CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

This overall score is made up of performance (60%) and ease of use (40%).

Performance score View more details.

We assess how well the food processor slices carrots, chops breadcrumbs, shreds cheese, kneads shortcrust pastry and emulsifies mayonnaise. 

Ease of use score View more details.

How easy it is to use the controls, read the labels, lock and release the bowls and attachments, store the unit with accessories, and clean. We also consider the stability of the unit when in use. 

Slicing carrots score View more details.

Slicing carrots is part of the performance score. We're looking for even thickness and uniform shape.

Chopping breadcrumbs View more details.

Chopping breadcrumbs is part of the performance score. We're looking for even, finely-chopped breadcrumbs.

Shredding cheese score View more details.

Shredding cheese is part of the performance score. We're looking for even and thin strips.

Shortcrust pastry View more details.

When assessing shortcrust pastry performance we use the dough blade where available. We're looking for a uniform, smooth texture and minimal dry ingredients which may require scraping down from the sides of the bowl.

Emulsifying mayonnaise score View more details.

If capable, we see how well the food processors emulsify mayonnaise.

Blending potato and leek soup View more details.

Some food processors have a blender attachment; if so we rate blending of potato and leek soup.

Noise (dB) View more details.

We measure noise when processing breadcrumbs.

Recommended View more details.

We recommend food processors that score at least 80% overall.

Tested model
Price View more details.

This is the manufacturer's recommended retail price.

Number of blades
Wattage (W) View more details.

Stated wattage. More power doesn't always mean better performance.

Weight (kg) View more details.

This is the weight with the processing blade attached and no other attachments stored on board.

Capacity (mL) View more details.

Bowl's volume is based for solid foods (note that maximum capacity is less for liquids).

Some bowls have a large, medium and mini processing bowl; each bowl's capacity is shown here.

4000 / - / 1000
Dimensions (cm, HxWxD)
46 x 30x 26
Blade / attachment storage View more details.

An internal storage drawer or separate storage box keeps all the attachments together - a good way to protect the blades, and your fingers. But we found it strange that some models aren't big enough to store all the blades and attachments included with the appliance.

Dishwasher-safe accessories View more details.

It's best to check the manual for exact conditions, as dishwasher-safe food processor accessories can vary and may not include the bowl.

Dishwasher safe on the top rack only
Cord storage
Double-feed chute View more details.

This is a standard chute with a smaller chute insert that allows for smaller or thinner foods to be guided into the food processor for better control when slicing or shredding. Many also come with three chutes.

3 chutes
Processing blade View more details.

The standard blade attachment used for processing food.

Dough blade View more details.

Handy for making dough. Usually plastic.

Fine-slicing blade View more details.

For slicing food thinly.

Mini bowls View more details.

Whether the unit comes with mini bowls for processing smaller quantities.

Coarse-slicing blade
Fine-grating / zesting blade View more details.

Handy for zesting citrus or getting finely-grated result.

Fine shredding View more details.

Whether it comes with a fine shredding blade.

Coarse shredding View more details.

Whether it comes with the appropriate coarse shredding blade.


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