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Almond milk comparison

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Last updated: 01 December 2021


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Compare 44 almond milk alternatives from over a dozen brands and filter and sort by a range of criteria, like almond content, calcium content, price and whether or not it's sweetened so you can find the best almond milk for you.

Is almond milk good for you? How does the almond content of store-bought and homemade almond milk compare? And how do you make your own almond milk at home? Our almond milk buying guide answers these questions and more.


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List of brands we tested in this review.


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    Pack price in Sydney supermarkets and grocery chains (not on special).

    enter value/s in increments of 1 between 1.79 and 7.49

    Percentage of almonds

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    As labelled on the pack.

    enter value/s in increments of i between 2.3 and 11

    Calcium per 100g (mg)

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    As per the nutrition information panel on the pack purchased.

    enter value/s in increments of i between 6.9 and 160


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    Is it chilled or long life?


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      'Almond' means that it's straight almond milk. 'Almond+' means it contains additional ingredients such as oats, rice, soy or pea protein.

        Shop Ethical rating

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        Shop Ethical rates the environmental and social impact of the company (not the product) using independent sources. This rating is not included in our total score. N/A means there is no rating for that company.

          Included in this review

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          • Pack size (L)
          • Price
          • Percentage of almonds
          • Shop Ethical rating
          • Barista label
          • Added sweetener
          • Energy per 100g (kJ)
          • Protein per 100g (g)
          • Fat per 100g (g)
          • Saturated fat per 100g (g)
          • Sugars per 100g (g)
          • Sodium per 100g (mg)
          • Calcium per 100g (mg)
          • Percentage of Australian ingredients
          • FILTER_Energy per 100g
          • FILTER_Protein per 100g
          • FILTER_Fat per 100g
          • FILTER_Sat fat per 100g
          • FILTER_Sugars per 100g
          • FILTER_Sodium per 100g

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