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Submission to the ACCC on Toppling furniture: Assessment of regulatory options

June 2022

CHOICE staff
CHOICE staff

CHOICE has made a submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) consultation on Toppling furniture: Assessment of regulatory options.

CHOICE supports the ACCC's preliminary view of implementing Option 5(b) and include televisions within the scope of this reform. This option will establish a mandatory safety standard that sets out requirements for warning labelling, safety information and stability requirements, and the provision of an anchoring device to products.

It will also establish mandatory information standards that set out warning labelling and safety information requirements to be provided with the product and at the point of sale online and in-store.

The key recommendations in the submission are:

  1. Manufacturers and retailers which sell furniture and televisions that are at risk of tipping over to comply with Option 5(b). This option should also apply to second-hand retailers.
  2. Consumers have access to low or no-cost anchoring by qualified tradespeople. This may include rebates, incentives or the requirement for retailers who sell products to provide access to such services.
  3. Introducing the voluntary standard, ISO 7170:2021, as a mandatory standard for minimum stability requirements of furniture and televisions. 

Download submission (PDF)

Consultation paper: Toppling furniture - Assessment of regulatory ptions

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