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Submission to the ACCC on toppling furniture

August 2021

woman putting together a bookshelf
CHOICE staff
CHOICE staff

Furniture and TVs in people's homes across Australia currently present toppling risks. These are creating avoidable risks of injury and, in the most serious of cases, death. More can and should be done to ensure that products on the Australian market are safe, including furniture and TVs that are prone to toppling.

To minimise and avoid the risk of injury and death caused by toppling furniture and TVs, CHOICE recommends the introduction of a mandatory safety standard for items at high risk of toppling and an information standard for items at moderate risk of toppling.

Renters face acute challenges if anchoring is needed to prevent furniture or TVs from toppling. All governments should be on notice that lives are at stake while tenancy legislation fails to protect the rights of renters to make their homes safe without fear of eviction.

Download submission (PDF)

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